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Artist: Rhyme Asylum f/ DarkStar, Ill Bill
Album:  Solitary Confinement  
Song:   Open Mic Surgery
Typed by: @RhymeAsylum

[Verse 1: Possessed]
Lock your doors I'm rotten to the horror core
Valkyries clean up after my dogs of war
Won't be pigeon-holed I'm a bird of prey
Put me a category I'll put you in a early grave
Lucifer reject
Shoulders are stumps from where I used to have three heads 
(Possessed) there can only be one
Before my soul reach hell, scatter my ashes over the sun
Not holding my tongue, I say what I feel
I'm the hand that rocks the cradle of filth 
I don't wanna live life
The suicidal sword swallower, slitting my throat from the inside
Open my windpipe
Corpses rise from the grave when my names spoken at midnight
Inflict indescribable pain
Don't drink drive, drink Strychnine and pilot a plane

[Verse 2: DarkStar]
Down for survival, left at the 'Hour of Reprisal' 
My verse coerce worse than the power of the Bible
The game changed I stay raw
Spitting chainsaws configuring bars like I'm rigging Claymores
We ain't singing or dancing 
Kids in my camp is a fam more satanic than Manson 
American, my partner in Canada lampin'
Watch your eye contact or get slammed with the hammer for glancing
The Last be a savage beast
Any rapper in the path of me is actually a casualty
Have pity for cats that have to battle me
Cause catastrophe, naturally never will my disaster cease
I dispatch beef Frank Castley
Ninety nine and a half percent of rap is ass to me [Y'all Suck]
Psiklone Possessed Skirmish & Billy Idol
Plus Last conceal rifles spill ya vitals

[Verse 3: Psiklone]
I keep my eyes peeled with hunting knives
My voice alone provokes stone gargoyles to come to life
Gave nightmares spitting Lucifer lullabies
Tried a hundred times but can't seem to fucking die
Run and hide
When disaster strikes, the whole worlds looking at me like Busta Rhymes
Turn the London eye colour blind
Muscles thrive off natural steroids in my blood supply
Psiklone a sick psycho
Drink and spit nitro and sprint so quick I switch time zones
Bury my landlords under the floor
When lightning strikes I hit back with double the force
Death sentences riddled with wise words
Like the titanic you've only touched the tip of the ice berg
Grab minotaurs by the horns
I'm a higher force and I learnt to fly before I could walk

[Verse 4: Skirmish]
Break your bones with built in brass knuckles
N.O.S cylinders inside my legs as calf muscles
Sprint against an avalanche
Souls expire, exposed to the smokeless fir of this dragon's wrath
Tarot cards, dealt death in every pack
Thought in my mind racing completing memory lapse
Would suffocate to death if I swallowed my pride 
My heart attacks in battles between body and mind
The earth rumbles and quakes at my coming of age
An appetite for destruction stepping up to the plate
(My) Skins senseless to cigarette burns
Coz I'm charged on an overdose of Nilapat herbs
(Inhale) I love the smell of death in the air
In the midst of war holding my severed head by the hair 
I'm never level headed, an unbalanced mind
That sent my pulsating heart and dead roses to my valentine

[Verse 5: Ill Bill]
A cannibalistic orgy of words born to torture the earth
Thought's are berserk, cauldron's will burst
The bubble, cursed for trouble danger misfortune 
My words resemble the strangeness of Chris Walken
We just talking, conversations with God
Shout at the devil thousands of rebel martyrs assemble 
Under a black flag with the white skull and guns on it 
Drink vodka straight out of the bottle and puff chronic
Better yet catch me with Snoop drinking Tanqueray
Listening to Cuban Linx 2 in the lab with Rae
"The Hour of Reprisal" gave me cash and fame
Next stop homie - you'll catch me in the lab with Dre
I had Premo on my album; had Muggs on my album
Had models from Brazil chopping up drugs on my album 
This is Ill Billy Crystal, the kid with the frown
Spitting it loud get outta my way I'ma piss in the crowd