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Artist: Rhyme Asylum
Album:  Solitary Confinement
Song:   Life Support
Typed by: @RhymeAsylum

[Verse 1: Skirmish]
It's funny how I fell in love from my first 'yo'
Blood, sweat, tears in every verse wrote 
With every word spoke 
But ill do this music if I earn dough or I was dirt broke
['Lyrical Exercise'] 
But people respect the grind more than they respect the rhymes 
We make sure the names of all the heads that died 
Will always be kept alive  
And ['How long will they mourn me?'] - Everyday until the end of time 
Look at the legacy they left behind 
And ['One Love'] to the lyricists that still exist 
Coz I couldn't picture this 
['It was all a dream'] before it was thoughts I'd see 
When I close my eyes and fall asleep but now I'm living it 
This rapping shit ain't a passing phase 
Cos the habit is hard to break I can't escape
[Verse 2: Psiklone]
I put my soul in every rhyme that I write
['Big L Rest In Peace'] - cos ['Ripping mics is the light of my life'] 
Been fed up and my stomach is cramped
The scene has practically vanished but my hunger is back
Classics are haphazard
All I see backpackers, wack rappers, black adders and backstabbers
As if that matters
When we're out laying the ground breaking foundations like jack hammers
Miss ripping ciphers and open mics
It's a lifestyle - we rock our clothes oversized
Inspired as an adolescent
By Roc Raida on cross faders scratching battle weapons 
It's my passion - banging the beats 
From DJs to B-boys and the graff on the streets
[This is hip-hop] music's inner vision
Bringing you back to 'boom bap' fused with super-lyricism

[Verse 3: Possessed]
Still a fan of this shit far from marital bliss 
But I'ma stick with it till I'm carried by six 
What happened to Em what happened to Bis? 
Will I be the next rapper to slip [Crazy]
No better way of expressing myself 
See there's Hip-Hop, then there's everything else 
We go against the grain change the game 
(And we) pave the way while you stay the same 
So pay homage 
The difference is we give to this Hip-Hop shit not take from it 
Every word in the pad every verse every track
Work 'till the verge of collapse 
Never, turning my back my life is Hip-Hop
Live breathe spit bleed and die for Hip-Hop
How much time is left? 
Hip-Hops not dead, its dying, and this here its final breath