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Artist: Rhyme Asylum
Album:  Solitary Confinement  
Song:   Don't Wanna Be
Typed by: @RhymeAsylum

[Verse 1: Psiklone]
I take life for granted made mistakes in the past
Don't want to harbour so much hate in my heart [You feel me?]
Found my way through dark
And only by closing my open eyes and taking a chance
I wanna make my family proud
And show those that I love that I ain't standing round
I hate backing down, hate lashing out
Hate that I hate so much – what is this hate rant about?
I don't wanna be this negative person
Pessimistic, perfectionist obsessively working
Always anxiety ridden
It's like my mind's in Rhyme Asylum inside of a prison
It's a blessing and a curse
I just want us heard and to get the respect that we deserve
I need to stop and breathe 
Cos in reality there ain't nothing stopping me be what I wanna be

Don't make me be, don't make me be
Don't make me be, don't make me be

[Verse 2: Possessed]
I'ma go it alone, on my own rowing this boat
No-one to throw me a rope 
Feel like I'm lost at sea
Tryna make waves, on this endless expanse of monotony 
And I gotta be what I wanna be
Or else it's like telling my heart not to beat
Telling my lungs not to breathe 
Inspirations an island just beyond my reach
Chances are few and far between 
On an ocean with nowhere to plant my seeds
And you reap what you sow 
It's getting dark, I keep an eye on my beacon of hope
Hope in every vein and capillary 
My message in a bottle is my name on the pages of history
I got two ores 
One named determination and the others name is ability 

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3: Skirmish]
This me ain't the way that I wanna be
Now I know its the way that I gotta be
I've had my heart broken before
Another persons actions controlling my emotions and thought
Love is a battlefield - I'm a soldier at war
People saying "I don't know him no more"
The old me's dead and gone, I got away with murdering him 
So my split personality holding the fort
Now I gotta look deep 
my older said "don't regret anything that makes you smile that's how it should be" 
And so I took heed 
Now I live my life, a different guy but miss the nights I could sleep
Thinking isn't it funny
I used to be in control but I'm driven by women and money 
In this eternal search for a pot of gold 
Where I've lost my soul and my hearts gotten cold

[Repeat Chorus]