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Artist: Rhyme Asylum
Album:  Solitary Confinement
Song:   Axe of Violence
Typed by: @RhymeAsylum

[Verse 1: Possessed]
Wake up and smell the bodies, can you take the stench? 
I was born to kill like David Webb
Live on house on haunted hill 
Where heretics burn at the stake like a Foreman grill (Ill)
Death defying 
My spirit is Satan's most sought after collector's item
Rule universe and beyond
Got a poetic license to kill, word is my bond
(Fire at will) shoot off at the mouth 
Connor McCloud bringing Apocalypse Now
Want the same deal that was offered to Faust
Got present's screaming “Officer Down!”
It's every man for himself 
I'm Gambit, hit the deck when I play the hand I was dealt
My opponents talk tough, but wouldn't harm a Jeff Goldblum

[Verse 2: Psiklone]  
I beat the odds 'till I'm breaking even
A raging demon, driving crucifixes into pagan heathens
Typhonic raining season
Free fall without my heart rate increasing or a change in my pace of breathing
Skin coated in solar panels
Absorb the sun's energy, radiate golden shadows
Colder than frozen polar mammals
Faster than bows and arrows and bullets leaving revolver barrels
Rush back for revenge
Speed camera screen apertures cave in and shatter the lens
Hang upside down inside a churches steeple
Suspended in pits of hypodermic needles
[My saliva burns cathedrals to sand]
Write two different verses at the same time with each of ma hands
Born an unstoppable force
A tropical storm, freestyling the oracle's thoughts locked in a hospital ward