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Artist: Quez
Album:  Declaring Shenanigans!!!
Song:   We Put the "Ill" in "Kill"
Typed by: @QuezThePoet

Southern Fried
Java Monkey
Art Amok
Earth Dwellaz
Guilty Pen

Yeah, we put the ill in it

I bring the ruckus, you bring the Uncle Ruckus
Cause you don't trust this new nigga over here
I wouldn't trust me either if I was one of my peers
Cause I'm known for killing mics stealing crowns and declaring
Niggas not to be shit, but a company bitch
While I stay independent get my money and spit
With no corporation dick up and diddling my anus
(bend over nigga take it, I'll make you famous)
Well fuck the fame shit, I'll stay nameless
Before some cracker in a suit dilute this potency of language
I'd rather stay dangerous anguish to these rappers
I'm 80s slang def, nigga, closed captions
Fresh, I'm what's happening, death is what's crashing
On their heads ha ha ha ha ha, excuse me for laughing
Ha ha ha ha ha, sense of humor kind of dark and all
I smile where you cry you can't embark where I walk an all
I'm double the beast only one of me on Noah's Ark and all
Until he threw me off for eating dragons body parts and all
And now you know from where the shark evolved
And how the dragon got extinct and when we lost them all
I'm straight accosting y'all microphone bossing y'all
Eat rappers like stake the way I eat them raw
And when I eat I eat it all bloody lick the plate
Emcee killer increase the murder rate
By my damn self

Beat killer, microphone killer
Rhyme killer have you ever seen a killer?
Up close and personal dope no filler
And if you ain't killing it you might as well surrender

And the Beatniq (killing it)
Fit is (killing it)
My man Gripp (killing it)
Team SNO (killing it)
Concrete Gen (killing it)
Mr. Black (killing it)
My dude Cuban (killing it) Yeah, we put the ill in it

I'm doing fine
Cause I'm going to party like it's 2999
Sip divine fine wine throw up the peace sign
As the time chimes 12 and it reaches 3000
On cloud 9 on my way to cloud 10
So high when I rhyme I go tell it on mountain
Me, I'm brown skin, you, you brown nose
When they say sink or swim you, you drown bro
Me, I breast stroke through lava
Shift continental plates the vibrations felt in Andromeda
And I spit this slang
The verse so uncontained it reverse the Big Bang
And unearth this shit stain of a planet, knock it off its axes
Just for being viewed in such disdain
And yeah, it's quite cynical clinically insane
Or is it critically acclaimed for being lyrically engaging
Or do I fall on deaf ears like hearing aid
Either way a renegade like Em and Jay
And so this inner rage displayed on center stage
Explodes in a vindicated way as I slay
An emcee who makes his wage peddling a life
Contrived by gangsta movies ice and bright lights
When they ain't bout that life but I ain't the one to tell em
I kill em, ill with no penicillin

Black on Black Rhyme (killing it)
Jon Goode (killing it)
Mystery (killing it)
The Movement (killing it)
Abyss is (killing it)
Bull City Slam (killing it)
Salt City Slam (killing it)
Them Gold Niggas (killing it)
Cola Rum (killing it)
Sista Seuss (killing it)
Ken J Martin (killing it)
Misplaced Poets (killing it)
Off Brand (killing it)
The Remnant Crew (killing it)
Duval Slam (killing it)