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Artist: Quasimoto (Madlib)
Album:  Yessir Whatever
Song:   Seasons Change
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus One]
Summertime, round the bend
Winter's rain, comin in
D.C. City, listen here
Music sounds, out so clear
For you...

[Lord Quas]
Just like season change I bring rainfall {get your umbrella}
Or sunshine, when it's summertime y'all (hey look at that bikini)
Or cold shoulders when it's wintertime all
Colors when it's spring I seem to stand tall

Different time, different day, different way (why do somethin else?)
The original way, with supplemental grays, instant plays {hey rewind that shit!}
"Good Vibes" like we on some Roy Ayers (yo you wanna barbecue?)
"Lady Luck" like we the Ohio Players

You got it just wake up!

[Chorus Two]
We must be, a family
D.C.U. in harmony
Music's message loud and clear
Peace of mind oh so near
For you...

[Lord Quas]
Mathematically thuggin it down, scientists of sound
Like chord changes switchin around we got the illest sound
Top choice, low rate, no gate, high voice
It's like we dipped the beat in water and now we up on moist

Ain't got no time for haters, only loved ones {whassup man?}
But don't think we up on sweet, you catch a mental shove
Speakin this language of music (bringin harmony)
You lookin at me dirty, thinkin of ways of harmin me
(But anyway!)

[Chorus One]

[Outro set to Neil Diamond "The Pot Smoker's Song"]
La, la, lah...
High, high, I wanna get high!
Never give it up if you give it a tryyy
"People turn to artificial highs
 when they really want natural highs"
You with your grass, mom and dad with her booze
"Alcohol and drugs become crutches for people
 who can't achieve closeness, with others"
{I was, so unhappy like I felt so unworthy y'know}
{At that time I was having problems with, my family}
{I was looking for love somewhere, I wasn't getting it anywhere}
{I tried to commit suicide}
"Wait a minute, stop!"