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Artist: Queen Latifah
Album:  Order in the Court/Nothing to Lose Soundtrack
Song:   It's Alright
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[Chorus: Queen Latifah]
When I'm sexin' you
When I'm next to you
I know
It's alright
It's the things you do
Make me cling to you
Cause I know
It's alright

[Queen Latifah]
(Verse 1)
There's a special way there
You do what you do
Anywhere and anytime
You're not an ordinary lover
You give me good times
Get me so satisfied when I'm


(Verse 2)
I'm overwhelmed by the way that you handle
Cause I've been down for a little while
I got experience
To know
When it's this good
Everything, everything is alright


[Queen Latifah]
It's alright
It's alright

[Bridge: Queen Latifah]
When you're near
I don't fear
I feel so safe
And secure
You feel good in my arms
And I know that you are
You're the one for me


[Hook: Queen Latifah]
How do I know
You'll never go
You've got to be
Someone for me
I always wait
That you will stay
Cause, baby
You're the one

[Repeat Chorus & Hook Til Fade]