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Artist: Q-Unique f/ Raekwon
Album:  $treet $upreme
Song:   Cup of Tea
Typed by: Davida.b.

Millionare stance, ?vansens? on, handsome dons
Hittin Branson, calm them niggas down
Yo my favorite rock record was Queen
Another One Bites The Dust, we spray around
Live niggas get hit, the abulance come and take your shoes off
We got him in the bed, he's a clown
While my record sales is wildin, niggas up the block bitin my style
Vito Corleone of Staten Island, Manhattens mine
Shoot, we got the 2006 sky blue nines, and got dimes
Go ask em, whatchu wanna do for your plates?
Then blast em, take a picture of em and stash em, wait
Another thought came to me, the Cuban Link album
you should be in Malibu, straight
Sat back blowin Corolas lookin real hood, real hood, real hood, one

[Interlude: Raekwon talking faintly]

Gary got robbed from a Jew man with his playboys
Them same boys, July 4th, popped shots and made noise
Jay got set up by some chick for his white goose
While ??? mixed crack and weed, said it gave him a life boost
Betty was my first fuck, Lenny said he had the worst luck
Got bagged with lots of weight, swervin in the Hertz truck
Columbian jackets and JanSport book bags
Golden age rap era, when the South Bronx looked bad
I just signed a record deal and I was homeless
These New York City streets make it so easy to find opponents
Cats wanted my sheepkin fame and tried to shank me
Back when Phil Rizzuto was callin games for the Yankees
Back when dealers was just as famous as the rappers
And C. Delores Tucker used to blame us for disasters
I'm here to bridge the gap for ya'll between then and now
And finally figured out that when I write, my pen is power