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Artist: Q-Unique f/ Ill Bill, Jise
Album:  Between Heaven and Hell
Song:   Dark Knight
Typed by: Hatt's Crib

[Verse 1: Q-Unique]
You can't joke with the Dark Knight
First born son with the dark life
Disperse of a hurt ya along with a sharp knife
I'm not your normal criminal mind
I force the longest form of torture in the minimal time
The hated the world learned to admire
Back to back ten paces, turn and fire
In a fight to being righteous
While you and the loser battle like the plight of Leonidas

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
We fight this, I go to war like the ancient Mongolians
Force you to kill your best friends in front of an audience
Treat my generals like family members
Fuck the world, it's us against them
Shit upon humanity's vengeance
Communicate like a social network
Bunch of postal suicidal co-conspirators exploding at work
But it's a hazard of the job description
And even though we probably don't deserve it, God will listen
But Satan also got your phone tapped
Ever since Ronald Reagan sold crack
Go back, six-fingered hand will make your soul clap
Been the word of God, demand attention like a murder squad
Eighteen-wheeler hit us on head on, should've swerved the car

[Verse 3: Jise]
Sticking with helium heads
Death beds with black rose pedals are fed dope meds
The feds ? coat stands
Pledge allegiance to Lucifer's rejects
Some slept under the pale moon sky while ? got us still hot
I bled all that I can bleed, next step is death
I'm a bi-product of big brother sick swollen right eye
His brains leaking out the left wounded
Reap what we sow, that's what they say to get by
? broken promises so I consolidate my offense
And materialize my defense
Speed-reading through violence, digest
This is a pie-eating contest
Ain't no slice in the share and I come bearing the gifts of your options to live
Staring in the face of a society that created a beast to breathe heat
The world burns, sitting beside me while I feed on the fire that reach
Fuse you amputees like you touched the fridge
And your brigade can't handle the consequences of not being able to clap freely
So I'm like fuck you, pay
And I'm from Brooklyn