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Artist: Pusha T
Album:  Wrath of Caine
Song:   Intro
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Jamaican female]
Big up di numba one awtist inna di rap game, Pusha T
Me waa unnu kno seh nuhbody nah fuck wid da bwoy yah in or outta music
Di money nah stop run
Nuhbody nuh ave di lyrics, nuh body nuh ave di style or fashion weh him have
Fi him program sort out differnt from unnu
Unnu a rampin business, caa who?
When him touch mike everybody haffi puddung an run weh

[Pusha T]
The dead has arisen
My niggas still in prison, though 'til they free, none's forgiven
It's only one mission, it's only one magician
All-Star's in Houston this year, I'm still fishin'
The plug's playground where them hoes play around
Galleria, Mr. Trick Bag when I'm in town
Haha (WOO!) That's the energy I'm missin'
A thousand drug dealers with the cruelest intentions
Vengeance is mine, says the Lord
Throwin' shots at niggas cause I'm bored and they whores (Pussy!)
I'm Kobe goin' for his sixth ring, while that church choir sing
I'mma lean 'til they crown me king of New Orleans
Now everybody so 80's, 90's-inspired
But none of you niggas 80's and 90's rhymin'
You laptop hot, just internet warm
Down-low for downloads don't get caught up in my storm (Don't do it)
Fuck nigga, you just internet porn
Now we don't gotta fake it no more, the line's drawn
I'm too much dope dealer for rap niggas
Too much closer to every trap nigga
I'm just preachin' facts, nigga
I'm more biased to the coke-dealin' Coupe drivers
And bad bitches steered wrong by they loose mamas
YAH! It's the wrath of the caine
Preludes the debut, My Name Is My Name

[Outro: excerpt from the TV show "The Wire"]
"My name is my name! My name is my name!"