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Artist: Pusha T
Album:  Wrath of Caine
Song:   I Am Forgiven
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Pusha T]
This track dictates everything I'm supposed to say
So have mercy on this soul that I've thrown away
Although it's cliche the devil had a hold of me
This greedy motherfucker couldn't put the blow away
Bitches blowing kisses and rappers throwing disses
Hoping to land their ass on all top 5 lists
I wish you niggas well, you niggas wish I fail
You gonna make me bear these arms like a Chippendale
Squeeze off on him, leave cross on him
By the time the bodies found there's peat moss on him
I could show all you the ways in which crime pays
My drug ring's a multi-million dollar crime wave
Two ranch homes, both dockside
Get this money back, counter-clockwise
Little bubble on the cut like peroxide
The poison in the car is not carbon monoxide

I ask forgiveness Lord, in hopes of getting more
Then beg forgiveness for the same thing he forgave me for
I wasn't crazy poor, see I was lazy more
A thousand kilos cross his lines that you can't ignore
I felt entitled to it, not how the bible do it
My bright eyes exposed to how the hood idols do it
I just took a page, then I took the stage
Then put the face of that Rollie in that diamond cage
I tried to tame the beast, best I could no leash
I stood the test of time, air-tight no leaks
Not a squeak not a peep of a word
I done lived half my life in arms reach of a bird
Have mercy on me, they put curses on me
I could've been six feet or had nurses on me
It was written like these tatted Bible verses on me
I feel the weight upon my shoulders like the church is on me

I am forgiven..
You don't do all the shit that I done and make it through and not be forgiven
This is the "Wrath of Caine" motherfuckers
Let this hold you over, it's just an appetizer, haha!
"My Name is My Name" coming soon
Re-Up Gang Forever, GOOD Music...
Dope boys worldwide...
"My Name is My Name!"