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Artist: Pusha T f/ Kelly Rowland
Album:  My Name Is My Name
Song:   Let Me Love You
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: Kelly Rowland]
Boooy, you got that 6 in the morning
You got that thing that'll make a girl feel high
Oh I say boooy, you got me lonely-y-y
Just say the words, I'll do anything you want
Boy, let me love you...

[Pusha T]
Uh, I know that you think I'm the one, but who doesn't?
It comes with the territory when you buzzin'
A ball player sold you a dream, ain't do nothing
A couple rappers under your belt, but who's judging
I ain't tryna guide you, hand on bible
But Instagram pics show more than side views
30 dollar new catsuits is not cute
And 50 comments on ass is not fluke
So, no cuffing, no buns in the oven
If my girl call your phone she's just bluffin'
As long as you and I both know we just fuckin'
If anybody else do ask, we just nothing


[Pusha T]
Hey mama come fuck with the shotta
With the Givenchy toppa, shoe Balenciaga
If you act right, I can match you up proper
If it's about a dolla' thing, big like Poppa
Introduce your exes to my choppa
Don't listen to your best friend, she don't matter
You know she wanna be you in that vehicle
Riding in see through V1 V2
Chanel or Celine, however I see you
Christians or Chloe, damn them C's too
You know I play fair, I'm Daddy Day Care
I know it ain't cheap for you to lay here


[Pusha T]
Let's get past the nonsense and be honest
All the ones I sponsored clear my conscience
Can't commit the crime without accomplice
We both to blame, let's push the shame behind us
On the DL, pushin' my brother's CL
Meet you at the spot, you had tint on the TL
It's only right you shake them phony types
And embrace the kid, like my bracelets did
Uh, I'm from the era where the money come fast
Blow it all cause the money don't last
All them broke niggas lookin puppy-dog sad
She in that new purse, sayin "honey don't ask"


[Kelly Rowland]
Boy let me love you... {*2X*}