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Artist: Pusha T f/ Tyler, the Creator
Album:  Fear of God Part 2: Let Us Pray
Song:   Trouble On My Mind
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[Pusha T]
It's the blackout, 'rari got the back out
Showin my black ass, engine in the glass house
Started in the crack house, Obama went the back route
Kill Bin Laden, 'nother four up in the black house
Still got the Macs out, pull the mask down like a mascot
Still trick with bitches, out wit' money or wit' ass shots
G.O.O.D. had room for one more, I took the last spot
Re-Up Gang, P the nigga, 'Ye done hit the jackpot
Whole 'nother level 
Then you add fame, that's a whole 'nother devil 
Legit drug dealer, that's a whole 'nother bezel 
The carbon Audemar, that's a whole 'nother metal, but still keep it ghetto
(WOO!) Behind the scenes, pull strings like Gepetto
The gun blow steam, whistle like a tea kettle
Runnin like the +Rebels+, UNLV
Sport shoe on a pedal, I let you niggaz settle, YAH!

[Chorus: Pusha T]
Trouble on my mind, I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind, so much trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind, I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind, so much trouble on my mind

[Tyler, the Creator]
Pharrell said "Get 'em," so I got 'em
Tripped on Bristol Palin then I accidentally shot 'em
Then it ricocheted and killed the game, I'm a pro'lem
'cause I wanna fuck the world, but not a fan of usin condoms
Pardon my French, I'm going hard as my dick
when I envision my tip, on the crust of bitch lips
Mr. Lipschitz has been trippin, since I mentioned Reptar 
Triceratops dinosaur dick
I feel it in my gut... to kill these motherfucks
is a must like the arm of my pits
You niggaz comin shorter than a Bushwick Billy costume
on sale during Christmas in Philly
I'm well, not really, it's gettin kinda chilly
Let's hit a couple bars and give some bitches wet willies
Soaked, +Gettin' Jiggy, with It+, in Bel-Air's richest
Wit' a bag of pills, couple berries and a biscuit


[Tyler, the Creator]
I'm a fuckin walking paradox
and a really shitty rapper in my favorite pair of socks
Ironed pair of Dockers, two Glocks cocked screamin (WESTSIIIIIIDE~!!!)
wit' the speakers blastin a pair of Pacs'
"Yonkers" ten milli, you're silly
Thinkin that this 'preme wasn't free, willy (fuck you)
The feeling is neutral, the gang is youthful
and fuckin tighter than Chad Hugo's pupils 
It's Wolf Gang and the..

[Pusha T]
with the Re-Up's a helluva buzz
Rick James said, "Cocaine's a helluva drug"
Who else could put the hipsters with felons and thugs
and paint a perfect picture of what sellin it does?
This is for the critics, who doubted the chemistry
Two different worlds, same symmetry
And this black art, see the wizardry 
When you at the top of your game, you make enemies 
You'll NEVER finish me