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Artist: Pusha T f/ Diddy
Album:  Fear of God II: Let Us Pray
Song:   Changing of the Guards
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Yeah! (Bring the noise! Louder!)
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
These niggas heads is too light (Bring the noise!)
Take that
Put the Fear of God in these niggas, Pusha

[Pusha T]
It's like the changing of the guards
We changing out the frauds
I gave these lions heart like my name ended in Oz
Long time comin', Sam Cookin' up these bars
Still Eddy Canin', see the fiends sunk in jaws (Yiuuck)
Push a ton, pledge allegiance to the raw
Known dope dealer that escaped without a scar (Yes!)
I'm Buddy Lee, so lucky me, see I'm home
Wish I could jailbreak my team like an iPhone (Wooo!)
Squilly told me take this motherfucker by storm
Get the money and they bitches, bring the prize home (Yes!)
So as I embark, this where begin start
I write my own happy endin', nigga, pen sharp
My life's a Kodak moment, I need a frame for it
The Penthouse's bed needs a crane for it
I'm fuckin' on it, exotic bitch from out the rainforest (Come here, baby)
So many bitches it's a blur, I take the blame for it (Wooo!)
God in heaven knows what I feel inside
Responsible for all this inner-city genocide (Forgive me)
I'll be damned if I let Yale campus vilify
As I uplift this art form ceilin' high (Take that)
I can't identify, with your one death
We lose thousands over here, you speakin' one breath
Outsiders lookin' in like using one ref (Fuck 'em!)
My zip cam point of view to you is one step
Closer to clarity, not a parody
How cocaine single handedly carried me
Escaped clever through the fox hole narrowly
They kick dirt up on my name until they bury me (Never)
I just shake it off, then I shake a leg
A lot of time to make up is what Jacob said (Welcome home, baby! Ha ha!)
The fans fell for your act, I tell you break a leg
Then guns shots going off that'll awake the dead