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Artist: Pusha T f/ Kanye West, Young Jeezy
Album:  Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray EP
Song:   Amen
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[Intro: Shawty Redd] + (Young Jeezy)
(Amen) Yeah, (Amen) you like that right? (Amen)
I wrote it myself by the way (Amen)
Yo Young, (Amen) Jeezy, Jizzle, Snowman (Amen)
We gotta give the streets what they want man (Amen)
Fuck the goddamn sheep (Amen), you gotta get it in bruh (Amen)
Let's get it

[Kanye West]
You like that don't you? I wrote it myself by the way
And I don't mean to be selfish, but I picture myself getting paid
And you might catch pneumonia, cause I'm colder than an elf on a sleigh
Uh, me and Pusha back on it, now everybody help us pray
Lord forgive my sins and all my friends
Dollars make sense/cents, I'm tryna get paid

[Pusha T]
Tryna get saved (too late), time to get paid
Got a gun and a stocking mask, niggas thought I was tryna get waves
I'ma let y'all niggas pray for it, my young niggas knocking off a K for it
Sold my soul on the backend, only fucking way I'ma pay for it
Front that shit you put a flame on, my niggas locked in a cage for
They keep telling me to go hard, number one spot you was made for
Yeah, I made more, front of the grill got a racehorse
California Crayola ring, "Glow in the Dark" like a 'Ye tour
Fuck niggas stepping in my lane for? Not knowing that it's a land mine
Soon as a nigga feel a cool breeze, throw the top up like a gang sign
Red or blue? Crip or Blood? Solitaires, diamond studs
like chandeliers I'ma flood, black Jesus piece like it's dipped in mud
Fashion Gods notice mine, rollerball spikes, I'm Pokemon
Paris shit, Louboutin, under bright lights, where do you belong?

[Chorus: Young Jeezy]
Please Lord, yeah it's getting realer every day
Niggas killing, niggas starving acres, they can't find no yay
See at first they roll around and they bills they cannot pay
so some be trapped and some be dying, bow heads and let us pray

[Kanye West]
Amen, how many people do you know hating?
On your downfall, sitting there waiting, when you shine I know what they gon' say then
Everything I do now is stadiums, tell me what they really gon' say to him
And I'm headed straight to the A-T-M, finna go H.A.M. nigga, finna go in
Nigga you'll get it when pigs fly, when Yeezy fake, Devil's pie
Piece of cake, Kit Kat, I "need a break", God's child
Jesus Christ, club like a broken neck, I need the ice, I need the lights, uh
In Egypt they fighting for freedom, cop pull you over no reason, beat him


[Young Jeezy]
I got them units packed in that black van like the A-Team
Even seen them come two-tone like a Saleen (Saleen?)
Saleen, yeah that's a Mustang
Break 'em down in the night, that's what I call hustling
They say they're on they dumb shit, but this is ignorance
Come to warn the timepiece, yeah now that's ignorance
They like Young you a fool, I could have bought some real estate
Instead I bought a half-a-block, I tried to sew up half the streets
I'm on seventy-five seventy-five when niggas going for the twenty-five
Guess who's picking up a trey, just an ordinary day
with extraordinary pay, extraordinary risk
Can't even explain, got an extraordinary wrist
I talk it cause I lived it man, this shit ain't really nothing to me
Tell ya like Sosa told Tony, don't you fuck with me


[Young Jeezy]
Amen {*12X*}