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Artist: Pusha T
Album:  Fear of God Mixtape
Song:   Speakers Goin Hammer Freestyle
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[Chorus: Soulja Boy - from the original "Speakers Going Hammer"]
I wake up early in the morning, 'round the crack of dawn and
wave to neighbors like whassup? (Say whassup)
And I'm, tatted up, that bang in my trunk
Everybody in my city show me love, because I got
my speakers going hammer, bammer bammer bammer
Speakers going hammer, speakers going hammer?
Speakers going hammer, bammer bammer bammer
Speakers going hammer, speakers going hammer?

[Pusha T - over chorus]
Yes, Pusha, whassup?
Ha-hah, yes, shout out Soulja Boy
Speaker Going Hammer, the dopeboy version though

[Pusha T]
Back up in the this bitch, niggas free to go
It was all good just a ki' ago
Price for the twenty all I need to know
Still moving +snow+ like it's three below
You trace hard while I Cape Cod
You niggas +Lil Bs+ to the Based God
I've been cooking, is you mistooken?
Chi-town plug, got the city juking
Givenchy motorcycle leathers
Mad Max, five stacks for a look that's weathered
Small circle, bad bitches all think they clever
The mixed ones hold shape and recycle better
Sit 'em on a curb when I'm done with 'em
She oblivious, her girl want to come with him
Can't blame her, other niggas can't run with him
Usain Bolt through these bitches, then I'm done with 'em


[Pusha T - over chorus]
S-so 'Liva, I picks her up right?
She tells me, oh I thought I saw you earlier
This guy had a Range Rover just like you
I said, Range Rover? Well
this ain't no motherfucking Range Rover, this is a G 55
One-hundred and thirty thousand dollars of winter time throwaway money
You must be out your fucking mind
See I could tell you ain't gon' be around long
You ain't doing enough motherfucking homework on your nigga
Get it right