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Artist: Pusha T
Album:  Fear of God Mixtape
Song:   Money On My Mind Freestyle
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[Pusha T]
You see... the only real money is fast money
And what these niggaz walking 'round with that's lil' flash money
Baby, don't buy it.. I-I KNOW he's a ballplayer but..
But he's not gon' spend it, he's been poor for much too long
Trust me..

They thought I lay dead, I was playin possom
Spot me everywhere with the +8+ like Kate Goslin
Niggaz think they sit at the top, they just posturin
Now they hide they head like an ostrich
Optimus Prime and that gull wing, feelin like I +Transform+
Niggaz still hands-on, whip it like a sandstorm
Had the audacity to sell it in a damn prom
Get you +Higher+ - Angelo, the author of these anthems
Your punch lines are mere jabs, they see-through
like the clear glass on that coupe I steer past
Money on my mind like my pillow is a vault
You niggaz is soft, so on that pillow's where you talk
confiding in them D-List, actresses on mattresses
Your +Real Chance of Loving+ you +Bachelors+, I laugh at 'em
Don't you know that it's money over bitches
Bitches love money, I'm grantin 'em three wishes, Push~!

Shout out my nigga Don C, a/k/a Givenchy Don C
Yee ain't even know that you had an a/k/a, did you? HAHA!
Always in that fly shit, Mike Dean, waddup? 
Brendan... Or should I say International Brendan? 
Marcus Paul? Re-FRESH! Yeah
The Fear of God's in these motherfuckers
You could act like don't hear this shit man...
Niggaz ain't fuckin with me man
No games....EGHCK~!