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Artist: Pusha T
Album:  Fear of God Mixtape
Song:   Cook It Down
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[Pusha T]
Shout out Maserati E
We done been out here a long time my nigga
and yeah, we lost a few along the way
But I must say, we done balled through every era out this bitch
I-I guess that make us supreme baller-like right? Haha
"Long Live the 'Caine" coming soon, eghck~!

I went ahead and asked God for forgiveness
So now I'm just asking you to listen
I'm living in a world, where my truth can be my lynching
Last words "fuck you all", feel the rope's tension
I'll never compromise, in it till the powder dries
Best friends drowned in quicksand and helped you cowards rise
I floss in they honor, their legacy's in bottles
Make 'em walk like they thirty years is right around the corner
We was all fucking Shawna, you and E was fucking on her
I was jealous when you both said her mouth was like piranha
Yeah, spend money like we print money
Buck fifty on the car, that's little dent money
That AC is forever broke, that's vent money
Cocaine snowball from gambling my rent money
Everyday struggle, get money, get the crown for
always thinking big, now they praying for my downfall

Say you telling on me, told them folks bout me
All this coke round me, like it floats round me
Cook it down, cook it down
You know that I cook it down, cook it down, every time I come around
I just bought the house, put the pent' on it
No rent, couple hundred K, I spent on it
Cook it down, cook it down
You know that I cook it down, cook it down, every time I come around

[Pusha T]
Got me looking at the crown from a bird's eye view
cause I hit the ground running from the birds I flew
Now I'm standing at the top from the words I drew
Rap shit will drive you crazy, it done drove Shyne jew
Yeah, mazel tov, now I'm hotter than a molotov
Tell Lyor I need a million for my monologues
A small price for my cocaine catalogue
Scalp the coupe like a tomahawk
Travelodge stories, I pray that you ignore me
if you can't feel the joy of a hustler in his glory
Hiding money in a wall from the first to third story
ATL, Glenridge, condos, true story (whoo!)
A man of everything that I say I am
A little better than the fans hope and pray I am
Weed the jokers out the deck and just play my hand
Smokers getting stuck and going nuts like it's Peter Pan