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Artist: Pusha T
Album:  Fear of God Mixtape
Song:   Can I Live Freestyle
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[Pusha T]
Uh, coming live and direct from Abu Dhabi
Recorded in the Emirate's palace
I bring to you the Fear of God
Liva-Don, Noah on the boards
Steven Victor on the camera, Virgil what up? Yeah

They say this took confidence, I just call it patience
cause I had too much pride to take this motherfucking cadence
Knowing the Feds watch me, private paparazzi
still chasing me for war crimes like a Nazi
"Against All Odds", see the judge tryna 'Pac me
Lucky dice roll got my lawyers screaming "Yatzhee"
Who the fuck can stop me? Runaway freight train
Mike Vick's redemption, big dogging like a Great Dane
Twelve cylinders, fifty grand of will in ya
These rappers get away with pushing these child illingers
Now it's hard feelings huh? I just put my ceiling up
Planetarium push, the Imax experience
They say I talk coke for nine years long
That means my rap sheet is more than nine years strong
You niggas would have thought that I was nine years gone
But I'm still in the mix like nine ounces and a straw
Nigga get your bag on, bitch get your bag on
Balenciaga Hobo so heavy that you drag home
Yeah, see my verses let you tag along
Swim in the oasis of this drug dealer's Babylon
Three bitches, three different flights
Glad it was four sides at that Paul Williams fight
The Wynn, the Bellagio, the Palms, three nights
As long as they separated, they my three blind mice
You can't just rap this, the same mindset
that had me hiding in the mattress now got me round the atlas
Wish every dope boy could get a fair crack at this
They say when one ends, that begins a new chapter

Can I live?
You tell me! Can I live?
All these super-rich-ass industry niggas
praying on the downfall of a real street nigga
You ought to be ashamed of your motherfucking selves
Hahahahaha, the Fear of God's in you motherfuckers
They said I had the fans waiting, critics anticipating
and you rappers hating... I wonder why
Yes, you hear them motherfucking footsteps