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Artist: Diddy-Dirty Money
Album:  Last Train to Paris
Song:   Someone to Love Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Feel the bass, talk to 'em
It's that Dirty Money motherfuckers {*4X*}
Somebody feel me

Lookin for someone to love me
And now now I'm lookin for someone to love me

Sing the song...
My drama, my karma
My love, my life, dear momma
The wars I've fought, scars that I've garnered
The hustle, I got that honest from my father
Mix me with violence, blend me with peace
Combine me with hate and I can't face defeat
I did it all in a week
Still incomplete as I stand on my feet
It take a lot to still dance to the beat
Skin more cold and callous than concrete
I love swimmin but there's just one skeet
in a rich man's sheek hotel with bed sheets
Uh-uh, you know what I'm lookin for


When you ain't got dough, you scratch and you crawl
And your state of mind "And I want somethin, I want it all"
Look at the sky wonder, when it's gon' fall
Cry in the rain so the pain is stalled
It's too dark, my world is in gloom
Chest cold, my soul howls at the moon
My mind spins, my sins crowd the room
My heart don't skip it just beats out of tune
I can't even hold down food I'm so rude
Bad attitude, what point I got to prove?
Sometimes to win somethin you gotta lose
Love ain't there my life is just bruised
Talk to 'em


C'mon, I love you
I'm impatient, I'm so vacant
I'm so real with myself, I'm so blatant
I thirst more, I'm far from complacent
Always placin my heart last, I'm paper chasin
Left cravin the warmth of one touch
So what's money if you never had enough?
I'm disgusted, people say I'm not to be trusted
Insomnia driven, my eyes crusted
So come and save my life if you can muster
up enough strength to show me how to love some-
-body besides myself I crave comfort
Stars may align just right for us, start a new life for us
Build a fortress beyond coffins
Rembrandt, we paint our soulmates' portraits
Come on, you know just what I'm lookin for


[Diddy - over Chorus]
I'm lookin, I need you, God help me, please love me
C'mon... I'ma find you
Everybody needs somebody to love 'em
Feel me? Yeah
Feel the bass