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Artist: Psycho Realm f/ B-Real
Album:  Psycho Realm
Song:   Premonitions

i got mad visions, pictures and premonitions
of war drums and suicide missions
prosecution, execution, revolution, mass confusion
all over ready for war, i'm a soldier
nightmares of cross-airs, concentration camps
and electric chairs marking you with the stamp
prepare yourself

am i paranoid? why in my dreams, have i seen 
the whole world destroyed?
civilization raped, ain't no escape
situations escalate in the date of 2001
revelation, or is it just my imagination?
invasion dreams reoccuring
i can't explain it
but it's the same one everyday

televisions trackers citizens massacres
and cashless systems
the new order with no border renegades
the rule over the new age Malaise
picture the gray haze consuming the world
this dream never goes away
i wish i knew the meaning of all this
'cause the pieces of the puzzle just don't fit

premonitions of war cloud my every tought
battles fought, won and lost a holocaust
always the same ending, don't ever change
but i refuse to believe we all go down in flames
i wake up in the middle of combat
from the attack of the bomb killing on impact
disintegration over the whole nation
and overseas victory to our enemies