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Artist: Psycho Realm f/ B-Real
Album:  Psycho Realm
Song:   La Connecta Pt.2

it's seven and a half sharp this things about to start
my whole crew's being torn apart
by a spark of the greed 'cause everybody needs
and if you're in the way they spray you bleed
the bad breed punks like sonny with dreams of running
the whole show trippin' off control and money

it's close to the time all my soldiers are in line
it's my motherfuckin' time to shine
all my soldiers are outside waiting for my sign
big roller hostile take over
i won't hesitate to blow his old ass and be mero mero
you can't teach and old perro new tricks
so when i give you the signal take 'em out quick

there's a knock on the door, it must be sonny
watch him and his clique empty your clip if they trip
yo, sonny, come inside i'm glad you arrived
have a seat and the boss will be right with you in five

what? fuck that shit. i ain't got time for this
i got buisness to take care of with jesus, bitch
get him out here in a hurry
and get the fuck out my face before you get buried

I kicked down the door he thought he was dead
lead staring at his head, this is what he said
gustavo... it's nice to see you, huh
i said why the fuck did i get sacrificed?
you sold my soul to the devil
now im livin' life at a strange level
i come back for the big payback
you don't wanna catch the bullet back so step back
bring your arms around slow from the front to the back
don't try and move quick don't try and move too fast
revenge already calls for the gun to go blast
you don't wanna die for this pig ally
i plan for 15 years to kill this man

and i'll have to be the one to fuck up your plans
it's on; they set it off my crew bare arms
everybody in the scope gets smoked tryin' to fuck with the don

fuck it. i'm going for broke let the gun smoke
fill the room put jesus in his fuckin' tomb
i'm mgoing for mine and he's going for his
i'll piss on your grave and kill all your kids
fuck all of you