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Artist: Promise f/ Probz, Supastition & Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  More Than Music
Song:   Change
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[Intro] [News caster speaking]
In entertainment news; urban music sales have gone down considerably over the last five years
This decline has caused major concern with the record labels within the music industry
In today's news another shooting in the city has brought the total number of murders to 921
An increase of 12% over the last year. It's time for change

[Verse One] [Promise]
I feel like I put out so many songs
I've been out so very long
They notice my flow every show that I'm on
I make hits but no, I'm no Barry Bonds
I am not the best
But I flow solo, got my own logo ironed on my chest
I flew so low so if you won't go 
And speak to people in need, dying and depressed
Then I gotta rap for the people workin' 9 to 5
Dyin' alive, tired at the desk
So they takin' pills, just to pay the bills
Cause now-a-days birds ain't flyin' from their nest
They're scared of heights
We're at an all time low
We quick to breed, but we're all dyin' slow
All I know is I already paid my dues
I'm just sayin' it's time for change

[Chorus] [Probz]
Come on, let us try something that we never did before
It's time for change
Come on, let us have something that we need
It's time for change

[Verse Two] [Supastition]
For way to many years I've been unnoticed
Now my bitterness, I'm trying to get rid of it and control it
When I compose it 
Everyone focus on them tough actin', clack slingin' gun toters
The rap scene is an endangered species
Everyone but Cubebase is slangin' a CD
It Takes A Nation Of Bootlegers To Hold Us Back
The game ain't been the same since P.E.
Your mixtape? Is downright scolded by the media
Your album? People downloaded and deleted it
This is what I waited all my life for?
To get appreciated you got to go overseas with it
Rappin' for Japanese and Norwegians
Back home they don't even care if you even breathin
You know it's a shame when you go from trying to blow
To tryin' to break even
It's time for a change


[Verse Three] [Royce Da 5'9"]
We can't be stayin' the same
Therefore we must evolve, trust me y'all
I've been around the world and back
Been an eyewitness to
Many things, I'm feelin' God's existence
Gangsta's bangin'
User's shootin'
Slanger's slangin' 
Bush recruitin'
We should be goin' to war with racist teachin'
A happy Catholic child hates his preacher
Dime is gold
Don Imus knows, you should go
"Boy those some nappy headed hoes"
You blame hip hop like it's our fault
I ain't sayin' we ain't supposed to do our part
You should be more clear what's in your CD player
If we need censorship, he needs prayer
Why is we still tryin' to divide the game?
We should be tryin' to unify it the same
It's time for change