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Artist: Project Pat
Album:  Ghetty Green
Song:   North Memphis
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Yeah,it's on for the 1-9-9-9
Project Pat in this hoe
Putting this ghetto bump in ya speaker
Hypnotize done made it 
You know the business hoe

Breaking down some reefa
Rolling up a sweeta
Riding through the streeta
Cheifing like heata
Reefa got me nizzoid 
All because them blue boys
Searching by the nickel
Breath smell liqour
Mane it's Project Pata 
Playa from the sizouth
Always pack the gata
Gold teeth in my mizouth
Hustle for the cheatah 
Trying to make it betta
You respect the man 
Or youse gets a bloody sweata
Down wit' Paul and Juicy 
Hypnotize the label
Hoe got get off my nutsack
And let go my ankle 
Chopping up keya 
Riding on twentyas
Don't you wanna be a
Playa just like me a
Hanging out wit' killas 
Creeping on a come up 
Like the ones before me
Dog I'm trying to blow up
I don't give a fizuck 
Mane I want that cizap
From yo' baby mama
North Memphis on the mizap

North Memphis,North Memphis...
Where dem killas hang
North Memphis,North Memphis...
Where they workin'-repeat til' fade