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Artist: Project Pat
Album:  Ghetty Green 
Song:   Niggas Got Me Fucked Up 
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These niggas got me fucked up

1st verse 
These niggas got me fucked up
I'm down for my crown mane
If I go out 
I go out on yo' ass mane
Lame ass niggas starting shit like some bastards 
When I catch ya mark ass slippin' 
I'm a blast ya
Half of ya fools get high before a drive-by
I don't need a joint to let me know that a hoe can die
Through the eye blast of the elevated scope a
Pull the trigger back 
Watch the bullets smack his throata
Nigga starting shit is a nigga whose a coward 
Only starting shit cause he think he got some power
Shower yo' ass wit' a full clip of hollow points
When I start to blast bitch 
I bet yo' ass will get the point 
Point me tone right dead at ya dome fool
Damn he from the hood  
Fuck that ain't nobody cool 
Foolish ass,jealous ass niggas know they ain't down
You done met yo' match boy and
The Patsta gonna clown


2nd verse
Now everybody wanna play the hard role
Talkin' bout a bitch,their money and a bank roll
I know
That if a fool steps to Patsta I'll serve ya
I'll be downtown for yo' goddamn murder
Jerk a nigga by his collar
Pistol to his head
When I pull the trigger 
Bet a dollar that tricks dead 
Dead on arrival wit' his weak boy at the club
Trying to fuck wit' Pat 
In his back head caught a slug
.38 Caliber however at close range
Is very,very fatal mane to nigga's brain
Train everyday I'm a motherfuckin' soldier
When you come up missing motherfucker I done told ya
Hold ya nuts up 
Got and get ya pop gun
You must be a fool if you think this nigga's gonna run
From yo' ass I'm a pull a jack move 
Niggas should've known dog 
Project Pat don't give a fuck