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Artist: Project Pat 
Album:  Ghetty Green 
Song:   Ghetty Green 
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Man, Project Pat in the house 
This go out to all the real niggas out there havin' money 
Ghetty green, that cheese, that feddi, that loot 
Better watch your back man 
 'Cause your friends out to get you for your shit 
This is to all these niggas crossin' us here 
Smile in your motherfuckin' face 
Turn around and stab you in your motherfuckin' back 
In a motherfuckin' heartbeat 
If I ever catch one of you niggas man 
That's a motherfuckin' murder off the top, boy! 
Fo' sho', nigga 

(Chorus) 4x 
Ghetty green, ghetty green 
I gotta get the green 
Ghetty green, ghetty green 
And that's by any means 

I'm the man wit the plan 
Wit the gaze, wit the mask 
Steppin' up to ya fast 
Layin' you in the grass 
All your blood, ain't no love, on the street 
Wit no police, everybody is a rat, everybody's 'bout the greens 
You know me, I know you 
We grew up in the pen, but it wasn't face to face 
You was out, I was in 
Doin' time off a crime I committed in the past 
I'ma O.G. on the town 
As a O.G. I'ma last 
In the past I was known as that nigga who would snap 
I was quick to bill a cap, but it had to be a jack- 
Type move, real cool, yeah that's how he thought we was 
Use ta kick it everyday, smokin' out on that bud 
That's my dog, that's my nig', that's a bad young brotha 
I just got out the pen, I'ma broke-lookin' sucka 
Man, fuck that young busta 
Eighty grand at his house 
Seen his momma at the store 
Stuck a nine in her mouth 

(Chorus) 4x 

Mastermind, that's the kind of a man that's in my nature 
I'ma nigga you don't trust, I'ma killer, maybe raper 
I can take a person's life with a knife or a tone 
Used his moms as my victim then I called him on the phone 
What's up John, where the green, and I ain't gon' ask you twice 
Bring it over by yourself, or I'll take your momma's life 
In the life of a dealer, they can never call police 
Undercover knowin' this 
Secrecy, that's the key 
One two three knocks at the door 
Somethin's lookin' funny 
Then my dog let 'im in with his friend and the money 
You'se a dummy if you think I'ma let you live sucka 
(Aw man, thought we was straight!) 
You'se a dead motherfucker! 
Shot the joker in his mouth 
Bullet went through his jaw 
Had to take his momma out 'cause I'm down for the cause 
Fuck the laws if they come 
Then I'm goin' wit a blast 
Looked his partna in his eyes, then I murdered his ass! 

(Chorus) 4x 

I'm the man doin' deals wit the man gettin' robbed 
It's gon' be a violent crime 
One that will not get solved 
When I rob me a fool 
It's a duh that his bitch front like I'm sellin' ki's 
Then I'm game for the switch 
Switcharoo on your ass 
Duffle bag full of cash 
Then my thugs pullin' up cockin' pumps in the masks 
Hit the dash in the black tinted Chevy, trick it in 
Now we on the 'spressway 
Brought it down, tell my friend 
Once again I done pulled off another master plan 
Four days downtown 
Found a Chevy wit a man's dead body 
Somebody shoulda known betta, dog 
O.G.'s on the loose 
And we gettin' 'bout our hog 
Y'all niggas slangin' dope 
Should expect a jackin' car jack set up, bitch 
Or a damn kidnappin' 
But a nigga like me 
I'm your neighborhood fiend 
Thinkin' of comin' clean 
All about that ghetty green, ghetty green