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Artist: Prodigal Sunn
Album:  Nigga Freeze (S)
Song:   Nigga Freeze
Typed by: pneumatic

[Chorus X2: Notorious B.I.G Sample]
Nigga please, Blood flood your dungarees
Nigga please, Blood flood your dungarees
Nigga please, Blood flood your dungarees
(And that's just the half of my warpath)

[Prodigal Sunn]
Yeah, Years of bravery, Fightin the tears of slavery
And they still got us livin on SOME ifs ands or maybes
You must be crazy son I kill for the babies
Love the 80 chrome .380, Buildin is shady
From Republicans to Democrats, Snitches and rats
Livin of the riches AND fat, Got blacks on track
I think it's time to get it intact, Know before we act
Don't appeal it like Bush on Iraq, You know that shit is wack
First it was liquor then they gave us the dope and the crack
We been through it all, I brawl, Aint no holdin back
Sunny flame like the mouth of the torch
Sick of my people bein scorched, From the stoup to the porch
Shit we stoup to much, It's time to take a stand one hand
Corruption of man, Stinks like the trash in the can
87 became a Sun of Man, Gun in the van
One in my hand, It's life or death survive if you can


[Prodigal Sunn]
You don't stand a chance to enhance against my massiful stance
I got you shakin in your pants, Givin up your advance
Makin payments on a castle in France, None like the best
Singin the same song with a dance, Some care to invest
Respected by the best in Brooklyn, To the third Alkesh
Murder on the desk determined, By the color of flesh
Blacks, Born to be tested, And slaved by the ethics
And I don't give a fuck about you, Shit's the devil I said it
Movin with the heart of King David, Sacred, Related, Created
Born in the time of hatred, Thanks to the Gods that I made it
Graduated, Sedated, Off that vegetation
My first step to meditation is that I rep the nation
Escaping frustration, He never slept, Pure motivation
Endure cultivation, My life is a special occasion
A powerful makin, Debation, Indie like the Haitians
No hesitation, Specification remain amazing


[Prodigal Sunn]
Rest in peace to all my brothers who lay shot in the hearse
And rest in peace to all the babies who never made it through birth
I send my blessings to their families for all that it's worth
Every Man, Women, and Child, On this planet called Earth
And there's a war goin on outside, No black is safe son
Except the fake ones, Spongin off the snake tongues
For better or worse, The gift and the curse, The hood
Hunger for thirst, For the cash in the purse, Disperse
Blasted you first, Some kill over turf for rep
Then out come the Jakes searchin for illegal weps
And people except, The evil that's dealt
Got you in debt, Regret, Placin your life as a bet
It's all a track, Time to wake up, Watch Sunny cake up
Like Jacob, Without the make up, I keep my stakes up
My cups, Runnin over sheddin blood for my soldiers
And watch for the snakes in the grass, And the fangs of the cobra

[Chorus 5X]