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Artist: Prodigal Sunn
Album:  Love Ain't No Stranger (S)
Song:   Love Ain't No Stranger
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Prodigal Sunn]
Let's get it poppin', boppin'
Hahah, yeah, keep my head up, I know
Too much jealousy in the world, he know
Hate, lust, envy, greed, I'm on point

[Hook: Whitesnake "Love Ain't No Stranger" sample]
Who knows where the cold wind blows
I ask my friends, but, nobody knows
Who am I to believe in love
Oh, love ain't no stranger

[Prodigal Sunn]
Popa always said get ahead, watch for the feds
Move accurate, handle business, stay away from the dead
And momma said a hard head make a soft ass, don't talk too fast
Master you cash and stackin' your cash
Do the knowledge to the course, for every, chapter in your past
I'm first and last, and Last Shall Be First, but what is worth
Hustle my grab, double the math, we strugglin' path
Escapin' the wrath, accumalate that paper and draft
The team and the staff, number one, on your billboard graph
And all we know is love, peace and war, and how to settle the score
I'm from a city where the devil is raw
Section 8 poor, forever more, opening doors
I bring good things to life like G.E., through radio, TV
Promoting my CD, Sunzini
I told myself, yo it get's no better
Never sold my soul for cheddar, examine this letter, letter

[Chorus 2X: Whitesnake "Love Ain't No Stranger" sample w/ P. Sunn adlibs]
I looked around an' what did I see
Broken hearted people staring at me
All searching 'cos they still believe
Oh, love ain't no stranger

[Prodigal Sunn]
Treat every step like my last one
Breathe easy for the love of my son
We rose above the system of corruption and guns
It's do or die, through the eyes of the slum, made numb
As a child, meditate, to the sounds of guns
Describing words of my brother Malcolm, by all means necessary
Twist that green, crush leaf, jumps of Nestle soul on ice
Something like the skates of Wayne Gretzky
The team will remain like the stones in Serengetti
Born ready in the '70's off that Betty White
I'm heady on sight, shining like a star through the night
We move odorless, life's a test, filled with stress
Seen it happen to the, very best, teflon vest
I ain't trying to be bleed like Stefan's chest, two inch holes
Yeah, they hit 'em, breast, waist to his toes
That's how the game goes, that's how the game goes
Live or die, baby, another statistic, baby

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]

[Prodigal Sunn]
The streets are like a fame, a different ball game
Alotta, doing for small change, caught up in the fast lane with chemical brains
Simple and plain, yo, my temple is sane
Rep it from the grain, Brooklyn, Sunzini my name
Gold halo, braided afro, the hood, old folks screaming Sunzini
Oh, yeah, that boy gon' blow
Like Eddie Kendricks, yeah, I keep on truckin'
Smash hits like David Ruffin, I still see the ghetto strugglin'
Temptations in the air we breathe, untangled web we weave
An every day struggle like dogs and fleas
I, speaks the real, young Curtis Mayfield
People get ready, the Sunz shining light steady
Truly, ain't nothing fruity in my circle of life
But sticky purple rain, rolling down Myrtle Ave. in a pearl Range
Reminiscing on my main man Father Lord
Rest in peace, sharp with a sword, swift vocal cords

[Chorus 2X]