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Artist: Pro the Leader & Holocaust f/ Vulgar
Album:  Pro's Laboratory
Song:   Paralysis Pharmacies
Typed by: ShadowlessZombieSwordsman

[Pro the Leader]
(WILD OUT) to the beat, while I punch you in your fucking face
You can't contain, this lyricist's angry
My psychic deep parables, often people talk about me when I'm not in the vicinity
But that's highly understandable, because see, half you mother fuckers want to be ME
I don't give a fuck about what you're going through, the image you seen depicted on TV
The Pro's words about his own self showcasing his own unique ability
Now what you know about referring to yourself in third person, one things for certain
He's an old tight ?rude boy? plots off of rhyme deploy decoy's reveal
But needless to say I need to say more, and if you got in a battle with me motherfucker
How much of that shit do you think you could really endure?
You didn't beat me like Mace Wendoo chopping the head off Jengo Fett
Step in to Pro's Laboratory, guaranteed you're no fucking threat
How are you going to succeed when your only goal is to achieve ?????
When or if that is ever attained, ????????? Verbally

Guard your targets, I'm a nefarious spitting marksmen
Crush the tin man to tin form the trash bin to throw whack cats in
Use your mind like peddles when I'm tracked bicycling
Rugged terrain I truck, with hardcore lyricism, Inhale that purple stuff
Realism creates criticism, tell the majority they suck
Rhymings another vision for all those that listen
Mind powers the authority of what most are missing
My click causes collisions, form a violent prism
Ill bring you down like you was in prison, strapped down like you where
Mentals pitted when I spit this, I train with mental boxing fitness
And I uppercut so don't forget it

[Pro the Leader]
I like the smell of dead corpses, riding around with dead carcasses in the trunk
You see I have this addiction for pain infliction
Ill torture you, watch you suffer for days upon days, not to mention days upon days upon days
I like the smell of flesh burning... yerning to kill you verbally

You betrayed my respect; this rhymes displayed in your set
I'm a ?psyche war-vet?, who hasn't checked in yet
I spit the way a tsunami hits, Vulgar bringing the palm-fist
Get off my clicks dick, I start rubbing the bitches clit
What I spit is as real as mic slaughtered dialog extremist
All you rubber tips giving diseases, I rip a mic to devour your thesis
An anthropologist couldn't put back the pieces
Bring a psychologist and a priest in, and still couldn't bless a mic then
I got the power of forty men, with a steroid addiction
Try to flip scripture we mic missing
And having visions of my words comatosing your system
My brain speaks wisdom causing you a hammer smash victim
My vocabs a swing sword weapon, horrify the room when I step in...

Ghost Pirate raps snap, flash lucky on a MATHIMATICAL burn out
Dark City Chooser, I'm a rap Roller Coaster Tycoon from a dry tomb
On the high side of the Asiatic spied moon
Colossal psychotic dismal baptismal speed package
He out on a great lake doing classic Daffy Duck back flips... Daffy Duck backflips
Group therapy scarcely verity similarity, cherish the heresy and perish me
many moons ago in a night vision from King Pharisee's
Told like a joke from pilot in the definitive of an enemy
Harvage your archers sent the killer team, inventor of guillotine
Thug more loud noise slug your mug, club drown POW
Warcloud drug store cowboy
Seizing fiending shank vengeance, steaming tank engine
Ill pageantry raggedy tragedy gravity cavity, defiantly this jail house pale mouse
Cats been railed route, interstellar liquor cellar sail south
Broken trails stale grail and pales fail gray ill heart nails
Salute to me this be ???? Mail, yo hope for the postal
Frank ????? keep a red skeleton reverend benevolent bad medicine
Like a down by the lake letter man, clever sever propeller shredder men
A constable or chancellor evaluated a foot temple
??? dazzler glossary antlers bastard dastardly zombie cross autopsy bachelor
Simple extortionist, excursion net like with strict luck
The baseball, my horse racing, fruitless candles with poise
My machines make animal noise, how go away the walking
Patient of the fortification lost Mason...