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Artist: Project Born 
Album:  Ghetto Celebs
Song:   Murder Music
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[Verse 1: Nitty]
Gotta put this down from a project g.o. wit this nine millimilo
So at stake wit this kilo been stackin these dollas by the gelos
Nigga know how you figure you gonna win?
My daddy play hide and seek wit kins and my brothers locked down in the pen
Niggaz think we slippin and trippin bout to take a fall
Back causing crap but not hitting like a bat and cuttin these bitches ball
Niggaz try to diss us they say we can't be stars yet
Don't go to Minnesota but threat to be a pro like Kevin Garnett
Niggaz talk that shit about how they made it
But these punk niggaz straight turn from friend to foes to straight hoes then playa hate it
But I'ma give em what they need
Because it's project niggaz all over the world blowin that fire weed
And this is who we representin, No president no USA  
It's just the projects and my AK
Be goin down how that sound?
I'm like Dennis Rodman on a rebound 
Nigga finna put this down
[Chorus 2x: Half Pint]
Murder music, The music made the nigga go and lose it
The music made the nigga cop the blow and then use it
He had to drill him, I pray to the lord please heal him
He bought the disc but we didn't tell the boy to go and kill em
[Verse 2: Half Pint]
Underbelly it's kinda smelly they all shake like jelly
When they see the white band on 24 inch beretti
Nobody made a move everything was slow and smooth
Gotta get my groove back fuck that chump and show and prove
It's murder music you bitches never heard of music
You gotta love it project mobbery no one above it
Just ask ceez how we keep these bitches on they knees
Go ask rob how these Project Born niggaz mob
Comin through my hood it's like a circus and we chargin fares
At the concession stand we got weed we got squares
We got rocks we got x and sex wit plenty brews
We got liquor make shit quicker ask my nigga bruise
And that's for sheezy put that on my life nigga please believe me
Outta Detroit the jeffrey projects got my nigga easy
It's murder music the music made the nigga lose it
The music made the nigga cock the steel back and use it
Chorus 2x
[Verse 3: Polk]
I keep my mind on my money so dog I got mine
Never fuck wit bitches and snitches so don't cross the line
If you hustle fine don't put your life on the line
Unless you pushin quarters and zones fuck nickels and dimes
Playboy I'm fresh wit time my brother vic on the dime
Finna drop that fifty g's my nigga and bust em wit nines
And we gon blaze up so raise up and get yo money pimpin
They played us now they hate us it ain't no slippin
And now we dippin in the 600 on 22's
Polk dilly too busy for bitches I can't buy no shoes
Whatever you choose whatever you do
Go cop that mob music and lose it playboy you can't lose 
It's that murder music
Chorus 2x