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Artist: Project Born f/ MC Breed
Album:  Ghetto Celebs
Song:   Before I Get in the Club
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Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!
Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!
[Chorus 2x: MC Breed]
I gets bubbly before I even get in the club
Smoke somethin twist it up and talk shit in the club
And i'm looking for the baddest bitch in the club
Much love and I love the way you giving it up
[Verse 1: Nitty]
Let me make it easy for ya call out goin all out
To the club slamming buds and hen till we fall out
Can't buy the mall out but I can lay the pipe for the night
If it's wrong then it's right must be funky then i'm tight
Pass the courvoisier like Busta Rhymes said
Get head chickenheads get plucked but don't clutch no bread
Now these freaky deeks keeps me dicted 
But everything that looks good ain't good wrap it up pimpin
Now simpin niggaz shawn kempin in the back of the club
Gettin they nose close shut all these hoes chose us
Post up fo us like Jada rose up
Like Van Halen showed up project figgas blowed up
Sold up about a half of blow we clash and you explode
Then the niggaz in the back went through a half of thing of blow
If you don't know now you know
Uh oh project figgas stole the show 
Ya heard me?
Chorus 2x
[Verse 2: MC Breed]
Look here
I'm a cold piece, Oooh, Dog wit no leash
Fresh off the streets and hotter than a fo-piece
Shit talking niggaz crip walking
Hitting harder than dro to keep the front row coughing
I turn it down you ain't gotta let me 
Let the bass drop heavy so I can chase fetti
My nig, Club hopper popcorn doctor
B-R-Double-E-D rap stara 
Ya dig? I got it in me hell the flow ain't never empty
The club get it fuck it spend it like a twenty 
Put ya cell on vibrate and girate wit it
Uh, Put it on and hit the highway wit it
Yeah, Starting to get packed the line getting longer
Time's getting shorter my drink's getting stronger
Now keep it real and put that bullshit on stand-by
Gas up the ride and go and hit 75
Chorus 2x
[Verse 3: Half Pint]
All you ladies hit the dance flo
You tryin to leave wit a baller? Here's yo chance ho
You looking good in them jeans wit the low waist
And these haters they gon hate cause they ain't got no taste
Always looking for the lucci wearing fake gucci
I know I run a lot of game but I ain't take no cucci
That ain't my style ghetto wild and i'm never foul
I never bite the hand that feed me 
Show love to these women plus my kid leaky
Now roll around and twirk it baby like you workin for somethin
We them project homeboys and we ain't hurting for nothin
Ain't no purpose in stuntin man we pushin the hundred
Twenty-fo's top down when i'm pushin them buttons
It's Lil Polk get it crackin playa cop that 'cris
You in the club smokin dubs playa bounce to this
Cause girl I love it when you pop it drop it like woah
Girl I don't want you to stop it break it down slow 
Uh ohhh
Chorus 2x
Hey! Ho! Hey!