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Artist: Project Born f/ B-Cide, Mars
Album:  Born Dead 2: The Return of the Reaper
Song:   Get Yo Wicked On
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Get ya wicked on
Get ya wicked on
Get ya, Get ya, Get ya wicked on motherfucker
Get ya, Get ya, Get ya wicked on motherfucker

[Chorus 8x]
Get ya, Get ya, Get ya wicked on motherfucker
[Verse 1: B-Cide]
Something maniacal, A little bit like Halloween
We bout to scream bloody murder wit our trick or treat
The baddest kid on the block wit a sock of rocks
Grown shit his fucking pants when I cocked the glock
I got a dick for the haters, They ain't no players
And I'm a natural born hustler working all for my paper
I got it first in the game so I'm ready to shoot
And I'm always getting bread from the studio loot
Bitch look me in the face when it's time to die
My name's B-Cide now close your eyes
[Get ya get ya wicked on] Bloody like tampons
I'm bout to split yo player head open out wit this chainsaw
Chorus 10x
[Verse 2: Nitty]
Get ya wicked on bitches get yo shirts off
All my hustlers in the building go and get yo work off
Get yo beer and jerk off, They don't know what's about to happen
The wicked shit is a movement, This is way mo deep than rapping
The projects didn't get it cause this project nigga did it
We had to bring the heat out so we went and brought the wicked
And told em where to stick it, If they wasn't rocking underground
Cock load shoot everytime we come around
Cause all bets is off when I'm out my mind
Move this off when I'm bout my grind
Bitch-ass niggaz they ain't my kind
Bitch-ass niggaz can't stop my shine
Let's get a rave and misbehave
Popping pills then hit the stage
Drop some shit we kick it on
Cmon homies get ya wicked on
Get ya, Get ya, Get ya wicked on motherfucker
Put your hands on the Bible all about survival when i bust at my rivals
Fucking wit this project soldier homeboy that's suicidal
Wicked killas stand up punk ass pussies sit down
As we walking wit the reaper rollin through Flint Town
Underground, My music makes you walk on the edge
And that beat comes through your speakers keep you banging yo head
Was it something I said? I just woke up the dead
I think I heard a demon screaming as his body bled
I murder murdered the game I know you heard of the name
I got no one else to blame I think I'm going insane
I keeps it wicked my ninja watch me kick it my ninja
Represent it my ninja from Michigan out to Denver
Get ya, Get ya, Get ya wicked on motherfucker
[Half Pint]
Well it's the tick to the motherfucking tock once again
We back wit another sin, Project B-O-R-E-N
Now tell me who gon keep it wicked?
Y'all got us beat straight outta Flint and we don't fuck wit snitches
The pain inflicted on those who bitches get addicted
And i predicted that yo whole crew about the biscuit
So what you sayin ain't no playin you gon stop the layin
Fresh out the murder mitten spittin and I start sprayin
So start prayin to the god you call Jesus Christ
Knock off the Pope for the dope I ain't nothin nice
Call it a sacrifice and lose your life already trife
And i been dead once nigga I been dead twice
Been dead twice
Chorus 10x
[Verse 3: Mars]
I gots to get my wicked on, Raping hoes I'm picking on
Hit you in the head wit the bottle I be sipping on
Never wanna see me if you do you just a dead man 
Stop you wit my right hand gut you wit my left hand
Then I dig your grave getting paid in blood
Ain't no love for you motherfuckers getting sprayed
You lay em on the face down make a funny sound so i'll be laughing now
Police get the call but they ain't know what happened now
Every night I just be capping takin bitches for they crop
Shooting motherfuckers in they body label white spot
We ain't call the cops call the homies up and put in work
Creeping with the reaper and the sickle make yo neck squirt
Mad Insanity and F-L-I-N-T they trippin on
Bustin heads and raise the dead motherfucker get yo wicked on