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Artist: PRhyme f/ CeeLo Green *
Album:  PRhyme 2
Song:   Gotta Love It
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* in addition Brady Watt plays bass - no vocals

[Royce Da 5'9"]
You gotta love it
Look around you, nobody quite do it how we does it
And nah, we don't need no labels to supply the budget
Haters should stop it, the angels guide us like God is hovered
Uh, you gotta love it
All we need to keep this shit goin's the soul of Guru
The black ice in the Roley lookin like a frozen Yoo-hoo
Now who knew, a nigga like me was fit for rock-n-roll
You went against me, +U Looz+, now sit and watch the show
Like Hulu, I used to dream about leavin the block, off honest emceein
Man, fuck all this drama I'm seein
Believe it or not, the scoundrels, skeezers and thots
It all goes down in the DM, even your stock
You gotta love it, Vishis after me, hassle me by the dozen
If she can't have me she ask do I got a brother
I'm pretty so niggaz judge me as if I'm not as gutter
But if I feel threatened I'ma definitely make a promise of it
I don't need nothin, Preem is in time to cut it (cut it)
But nowadays I be pressed for time cause I'm climbin up this
ladder, I started my company, now I'm signin others
to remind me of when y'all ain't want me, you gotta love it

[Chorus: CeeLo Green]
You ain't got to like it, spit it out after you bite it
Won't stand near me wishing that lightning would strike it
But you've gotta love iiiiit
Loooooove iiiiiit
No, you can just ignore it, try to get medicine for it
But admit it, it's a very catchy chorus
And you've gotta love iiiiit
Ohh loooooove iiiiiit

[Royce Da 5'9"]
And it's all for hip-hop - and we all together
I'm in Brooklyn with Talib in the book store, with Macklemore in the +Thrift Shop+
And I'm sober, yes, success the only thing causes this high
The rise and fall of the good guy, slash good fly
Man you gotta love this shit
Man I'm just out here tryna follow my dreams, fool
I'm just out here inside of my olive-green coupe
I'm just out here with the next top model tryna swallow my gene pool, my entire gene pool
We under fire, it's time to get rid of the tension between you
and I, and unify, even if we ain't cool
Shit, it's 'bout love at this point, what's the use of thugs and drugs at this point?
It's just them killin us and us killin us at this point
Hmm, and it was over nothin, just ran him down and slugged him
I'm goin out on a limb, tell Danny Brown I love him
Big Sean, I'm behind you no matter what you do
They gon' have to fuck with me if they decide to fuck with you
Probably wouldn't have survived the business if it wasn't for Kino
Shout out to Ro and Rick, Dro and Cino
Clear Soul Forces, shout out to Nolan the Ninj'
Here to get paid, not owe, but to get O's the goal in the end
Shout out to Fatt Father, Marv Won, Porter, Twin
Shout out to Tricky, Dove, Oba Rowland
D Twizzy, Deezy and Dub
If anybody sees Obie Trice make sure you let him know, that when he sees me it's love
I learned early, never go to sleep with a grudge
And how easy it is to speak things into the streets and some blood
Shout out to Roc, Tiara, I know your career's gon' see numbers right out the box
Right on, shout out to Flomps
Me and Denaun, wish there were more time to fly out and bond
But, maybe some other time
I just need to make sure that my mother's fine
I just need to make sure my babies stay rich, not poor, stay spoiled, stay color blind
Love, love (love)
And if you comin at me with hate, you can't have my rebuttal
I'm too busy makin sure Ashley's straight
I just need to make sure I keep my nigga Chav out of trouble
I just pray, that Icewear Vezzo and Peezy stay in them Dopeboy rocks
DBCO and Dopeboy drops in memory of Dopeboy Rock
Been payin my dues so long feel like niggaz owe me
Get Nas on the phone, how can I help out with my nigga Boldy?


[Outro: Royce Da 5'9"] {w/ DJ Premier scratches}
{"For love"}
Kid Vish, I love you
{"For love"}
Junes Flow
{"For love"}
Ty Farris
{"Love, love, love, love, love, love, love"}