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Artist: PRhyme f/ Killer Mike, ScHoolboy Q
Album:  PRhyme
Song:   Underground Kings
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[Intro: DJ Premier scratches]
"I'm an, I'm, I'm, I'm an"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Rumor has it I'm an underground king, all I give a fuck about is money
And when I got it, I don't give a fuck about it, it's outlandish
I take for granted what God granted
My countertop granite, my house is outstanding
While I'm standin inside of it feelin inside out as I pop Xanax
Watchin myself on TV
In order to get to the TV I had to go through the proper channels
I don't rock the flannel, I rock the Air Max Atmos and camo
They call me the Benz owner, I put Lorenzo's on it
Then go and pick ya chick up, bone her then friend-zone her
Soon as I see her wake up, I be fuckin her raw
If she a B or A cup, make her fuck in a bra
Let's get it goin, got a dyke in the closet, I'm sure that she enjoyin
I kill verses in return for it
A eulogy is boring, for you to be informed
I'm a chore and my circle change more than a European coin
Once the kill has begun
You realize I'm the illest, the realest is Pimp C, and the trillest is Bun
I'm definitely best at gun rap, gun wrap
I'll put you on my recipe list
I'll put you on the treadmill accessory less like run that, run that
Detroit nigga, I destroy niggaz in general
I deploy niggaz to generally destroy niggaz regimes
So, rumor has it I'm an underground king

[Chorus: DJ Premier scratches] + (Royce)
"They wanna - Ki-i-i-ing!" (King!)
"They wanna be, d-d-down with the King!" (King!)
"They wanna be down, down, down with the King" (King!)
"They wanna be" (Underground) "King!"

[ScHoolboy Q]
Uh, yo, uh, underground
From underground I'm number one, I don't get it
I still be in Civics as one of my bitches, I grew with the clip and
I'm known for the strippin, unload 'til I end it
Put ten in a tank, 10 mil' in my bank, I'm more real than you think
Buy a bitch some high heels, a small purse and a shank
Some wet naps, a little skirt to insert through a shape
I'm into gun wraps, I say them gun raps, I brought the guns back
And showin gang tats, and when I wrote this had every H capped
You know them Hoovers 'bout it 'bout it
I serve bullets and narcotics, the cops watchin, still poppin
A gang member pitchin rock, every car on the block, no antennas
Just a body, myself and my own hitter
I'm +Top Dawg+, you cat litter
Denied a million through a text, I'm a real nigga
From Heaven to the lowest of devils, spit every bar for the rebels
My wardrobe has started trouble, orange rags, bucket hats, even be with my stunt double
My life is either jail or Oxy in my +cotton+
You lookin pale and so it's gon' be for the knockin
We enlist and I'm stoned and my .45 was only three options
I'm second to none, I shoot 'til I won, gun bigger than Pun
Take more than your lung, pop pop (pop pop)
Convert to a hearse, get a new top dropped, yawk yawk (yawk yawk)
Murder music, jump out of Buicks, nobody movin or I squeeze on it
Before I get a crown up, I'll bleed on it~!


[Killer Mike]
An underground king sippin my lean
You know I double my profit because I triple my beam
You niggaz stop with the topics and all this fussin and arguin
Nigga ain't it clear to your optics that I would go through a squadron?
Cause I'm as violent, as vicious as killin Christians in Christians
On the eve of a Christmas, say we got sick and sadistic
I'm talkin tangled and twisted, this shit was terror-terrific
We killed the hubby and kiddies, murdered the dog and the missus
And made the maid do the dishes, now she sleep with the fishes
Now that sucker rapper's dead, I assume my position
And in the place, a king on the throne is where I'm sittin
Yeah, the Iron Throne is mailed with the metal microphone
Hey let the rats and the mice know Killer Mike is home
Cause Killer is iller and all the killers they know
My past is good, I land a rock at my show
Before I go, rest in peace to Dilla for sho'
Slum lord, with a mic cord
In a slum village on a Slum tour
Through every ghetto I carry the heavy metal
Just in case a shovel's needed when arguments are settled, momma get rose petals
That's it, finito, no chatter, the matter's settled
I got your bitch, I got some head, she got stilettos
Lyrically I'm literally a bad motherfucker
Bernard Freeman technique and the swagger Chad Butler, motherfucker!


[Killer Mike over Chorus]
I'm an underground king king king king king!
You an underground king
Rest in peace to the Pimp, long live the Bun