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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   Singapore
Typed by: PremRock

Tonight we sail for Singapore
We're all as mad as hatters here
I've fallen for a tawny moor
She shatters all my atmosphere
I'm Drunk with all the chinamen
Amounts were never moderate
With Rice Wine and Plum juice chasing down the vitamins
Took off to the land of Nod
To wander is our punishment
Guided by our errant thoughts
Product of the wonderment
The Sewers under Paris stalk
God's behind the thundering
I dance along a colored wind
Living on the run again
Dangled from a rope of sand
Humming on my drum of sin
Rhythms of a broken man
Hold it down, understand
You must say goodbye to me
Cry me a river
And Pry me from this society
Bid farewell to piety
Burning all the liars w. fire
Til it tires me
The irony ain't lost on the one's who pay the cost
Through the alley
Back from hell
When you steeple bell
You must admit it's time to go and assume it's just as well
It goes wipe it down with gasoline
Till his sides are hard and mean
You can have the art of war
He's mastering the art of speak
Beat..Heart Beat
Pardon me
Talk's Cheap
Speak only what you afford
Off in Singapore

It goes Sing a song of sixpence
Sittin on a brick fence
Six pack for the mission
Inhibition to the wind friends
Haggle with the merchants
The price you pay is your life
In the abyss of the uncertain
Close the curtain on the Russian Roulette
And forget your purpose
Don't worry the madness
Will carry all o your burdens
And you can dance forever more
Live and die in Singapore
Live and die in Singapore
Gone with the wind
Godspeed my friend

Awoke with a hand gun vigil
Still as a whisper
Knowing that God don't love you
Left in a huff, rush strut of a struggle
Douse the flame but still gone in a flicker
Broken seams of that same damn fixture
Hopes and dreams and now it burns a little quicker
Arsenic the veins explains
A firestarter by trade
I was born in a blister
Walked in the village to find the blind merchant
Talked to the vision aligned to find serpents
Caught in a pitfall, disengage
Whiskey sips, grip today
Tailor made slipknot, fit just right
Watch me, watch me Fade away
Another apparition born of bad religion
Dismiss tomorrow as a product of today