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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   Jesus Loves Me
Typed by: PremRock

Now I don't go to church on Sunday
I don't memorize no script, or no verse.
Don't kneel inside a pew
I will leave that up to you
I got a different way to keep up my search
I don't study them books of the bible
I never looked at my neighbor as a rival
I feel good about my plan
Walkin' hand in hand
My savior don't need no title
Call it what you want
I just call it how I see it
Your beliefs are your beliefs
And Mines are all I ever needed
We all bleed the same
We all experience pain
I just got a diff. way to speak to Jesus I'm
Just saying...
No numbers or Deautoronomy no alter boy sodomy
No chronological propped up prophets of piety
Just me….. just him
I rap to him my sins
he tells me sing it again
I been baptized by the waters of my mind
Cause we all sons and daughters no borders no lines
No short order salvation ways to define
Just the waves that we allign through spacing and time
I rise up the morning with the strength in my bones
Knowing my man'll hold me down
If I can't do it on my own
And we don't gotta talk in public
We holding our own discussion
We just do it our own like Fuck it

I know Jesus Loooves Me…
Maybe just a little more, more
No sinners, no saints
Meet me at the middle of the day
We can dance outside the liquor store
Its goes…
I know Jesus loooves me
Maybe just a little but more, more
You can miss me the judgment
Sorry I'm not budging
I'll be ready for my curtain call..
It goes 1.2.3
As you lay me down the sleep
My soul is mine we all gotta earn our keep
All 7 days I view the same at the end of the week

Now this ain't sacreligous in the least bit
I'm just trying find some answers to my questions
Now you can try to shout me out when you're preaching
And pass my sins around as collection
Check it….
Escape through my faith
Though considered second rate
Gossip during lecture breaks
Eavesdropping by the collection plate
To the set the record straight
Ain't no life Im trying to replicate
Heaven is a state of mind
Is easy watch me elevate
You demonstrate your ties to lord
Disguised inside all the flaws you ignore
Claim you don't discriminate but I can read the signs on the door
He was bound to the cross
For the blind and the poor
I've never been a man for semantics
The life I'm leading now ain't unexamined
Call em agnostic or disenchanted
We don't see the same handprint
It's no great tragedy Let's have an understanding

I walk to the beat of my own concrete
Talk's cheap son we rolling to the gates to squad deep
I find a nativity in all creativity
Don't need religious imagery
to liven up my Christmas tree
No Slanted century bias
Can't pin this on Jews or Pontius Pilate
But I'll wear the badge of heathen
If your hate needs a reason
You yourself should define what's inspiring