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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Typed by: PremRock
Don't wanna fall in love too soon
Or marry in June
With wedding invitations papers printed in blue
Don't want no mortgage payments, or bank statements
I'd rather carry a tune
Till they my bury my tomb
I don't wanna work my fingers to the bone
I got no interest taking out a loan
You can practice what you want
I'm aleave it alone
Leave the package by the door
Delete the numbers from the phone
Everyday will be the summer 
Cuz we don't have to grow
Don't gotta wake up for work
We can meet up at the show
We can play our guitars
Paint pictures of the stars
And save up the money from our jars and all our birthday cards
I don't want have any doubt
No hair to fall out
Don't want faint shades of gray
Or calculating amounts
Don't wanna 410 K's or even checking accounts
Tear down my old hometown
I don't wanna put no money down
I don't wanna get me a big old loan
And work them fingers to the bone
No water cooler gossip
No wingtips no cubicles
No standing over coffins
Cause no one dies there's no funerals
No old-age reminders
NO medication based timers
Im living my youth forever
Never lookin behind us
And we dance that dance til we dead
Nuff said
Don't ever shop for groceries we got enough bread
Talk advice with grains of salt
Never trust an adult
If a mistake gets made it's never our fault
And we see the price you pay
And We made that decision we will never be that way
Watching parents fight
Like should we take their advice?
I'm gonna wait for minutes before I'm sharing my life
I don't want any money or get rich schemes
Or picket fence or the news on the big screen
Seems like folks turn to things
They never wanted to be
Well I'ma lay up in my bed and only answer to dreams
Chorus Repeats