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Artist: PremRock
Album:  Mark's Wild Years
Song:   A Soldier's Things
Typed by: PremRock

Davenports and Kettle drums
Thick skin and metal lungs
Listen for grenade serenade falsetto hums
This one's for the bravery
This one's for me
Everything costs a dollar but the violence is free
This old knife is rusted
My old life is distant
Even cold night's taught to hold tight position
Knitted the inscription
On the fabric I've enlisted
The madness I have shifted
To a walking juxtaposition
Tryna to pound this dent out of a hood
So I can park straight through this gate and maneuver how I should
A soldier's things
Jump from the coldest of emotional swings
Give provisions to my vision
While I'm holding this drink
Cuff links and Hub Caps
Bad dreams and love cracked
Flights depart daily w. no plans to come back
Metal gear on the landing strip
Settle fears w. some comatose powder in my amulet
Dog tag describe
Prior name past occupation is just another manuscript
That I'm bleeding from my gut
One you can't sew up
But it seems my decision's been made
I've heard this rhthym been played
Live by the blade the acquire similar fate
And if I ever make it home
The only thing I'll ever carry is love
I'd rather spare this territory
And hold a child not a grudge