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Artist: DJ Premier f/ Khaleel, Panchi (from NYG'z)
Album:  Get Used To Us
Song:   Rappin Exercise
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[Intro: DJ Premier Scratchin] (Khaleel)
G-G-G-G-G-Get wise, to the exercise ("Big Daddy Kane")
(Yeah! This business showbiz)
G-G-G-G-G-Get wise, to the exercise ("Big Daddy Kane")
(Gotta get up, gotta workout...damn)

[Verse One: Khaleel]:
Turn into a rappin exercise let me spit it before I fry
Some mu'fuckin chicken in the grease, grease
And If I speed it up and slow it down man it's all cooked food
I keep on feedin to the belly but true, that's our mentality
Or just southern in reality, so I got to make the pair of dots
I hear these suckers spittin on garbage tryin to sell it and swear it's hot
They tryin to figure but figure not
Khaleel connect to makin this hit broadcast from Texas
I ain't show up with no necklace, I done sized you up and try to snatch yours
Droppin rappers on the list and knock 'em down like I'm friend of yours
Since you want me I'm for you and yours, play off of me and mine
Love to see some unity, in this Hip Hop nation
Been brushin shoulders with this devil I'm facin I'm in the lead
They love to catch me slippin blindside me front of my knees
They seem to underestimate, I ain't want the fame
I want the money how it coordinate?

[Verse Two: Panchi]
It cordless they pop
I stay way up like coffee I'm doin the bang bang
Ma can't you tell that I'm doin my damn thang?
Brought the team together we sharin the same fame
And to prove our allegiance we wearin the same ring
Got a call from my cousin and the Feds in his cell
On the cell tellin me to becareful you niggas tell
I said yeah I know cuz, are you finished?!
But before the call ended he need some doe and minutes
The moral of the story is the chase for the spinach
The lames wouldn't unless of course you with it
Live the G-code baby, my who life plan
Is to see God before I swear to him on the stand
You I be God, and my true niggas understand
Ask around about Panch I'm the shit on the street
My documentary is commentary from cops on the beat
Said his vein's is hell, ice and he was sick on the beat
And his lawyer is firin, sharp and petite

[Interlude: DJ Premier Scratchin]
G-G-Get wise, to the exercise ("Big Daddy Kane")

[Verse Three: Khaleel]
Yeah! And so my main objective is takeover, tear the tour up, rap thang
Standin around here postin yeah right, my motives sustained
I spit with all the flavor that I could muster off the left brain
And my mama said keep doin ya thang, it won't be easy
Man I'm just as greasy, hatin, half steppin
No passion havin, or find a single substitute for their rhyme
But it's like your on to somethin, would love to get the finger pointin
Like I'm some newest attraction out for they circus
No Ringling Bros. no ring, no championship, no tragic
Been havin funwhile flippin got used to pushin the traffic
And as I'm whippin classic they askin questions 'bout Premo
Shit! The illest here to stunt the game Daily Operation
No more Mr. nice guy, nigga Step In My Arena and square
It's like an exercise the game ain't fair
But yo it seems like they understimated the kid
Aiyyo yo' gig is up, you've been fucked, smoke a cig, ya dig

[Outro: DJ Premier Scratchin]
G-G-Get-Get-G-G-G-Get-Get-Get-Get-Get wise, to the exercise ("Big Daddy Kane")
To-To the-To-To-To the-To the-T-T-To the exercise  ("Big Daddy Kane")