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Artist: DJ Premier f/ Nick Javas
Album:  Get Used To Us
Song:   Opportunity Knoccs
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[Intro: DJ Premier]
Aiyyo Gordon can you get the door?

[Biggest Gordon]:
Preme, I'm busy can you get the door man?

[DJ Premier]:
Well I'm busy too man I'm tryin to finish this music
Uh, uh, can you get the door please?

[Biggest Gordon]:
I told ya I'm busy

[DJ Premier]:
Whatever man...aight now whattup?

[Nick Javas]:
Yo Preme man I don't mean to just barge in on you like this
But listen now you got alot of things goin with the label
I'm the missin link man you need me I'm tellin you I'm nasty

[DJ Premier]:
You got a demo?

[Nick Javas]:
Nah I don't have it on me man but, were both here, like you just.......
Can I jump in the booth, gimme one verse I'm tellin you quick sixteen

[DJ Premier]:
You know what? This better be good!

[Verse One: Nick Javas]
Opportunity knocks! You better listen or you miss it
Nah but not me, see I was born to glisten
In other words shine, since the day of my christenin
And not just from the holy water drippin 
Off the dome like flows with gems pro's I'm spittin
They compare me to the legend from the home of the Pistons
Must have been your vision that was in on that decision
Thank you, for real, but you gotta be kiddin?
Comparin me to Mr. Mathers
See I know I show talent and potential, but so does Hank Gathers
Rest in peace meanwhile let's increase
The love for the game invented in the streets
Of The South South Bronx!!! Can't rep the borough
'Cause I am from the Jers and I'm definetly thorough
My confidence, makes it pretty hard to stay modest
Truthfully seems I'm heatin up the booth Preme be honest

[Interlude: DJ Premier Scratchin] (Nick Javas)
W-W-Why do you? Waste my time like this ("Ray Walston") (Waste your time? Are you kiddin me?)
I-I don't know ("James Brown") (What you mean you don't know?)
That's what-That's what-That's what I said!!! 
(Yeah I heard what you said but I'm kinda surprised but I thought it was dope)
You-You better be highly skilled you-you understand that?!
You-You-You-You ain't ready for war! ("Jay-Z")

[Verse Two: Nick Javas]
Alright..Alright, alright, alright, now let me calm down
Maybe got ahead of myself, but it's gone now
Back to earth, +Pakinamac+ in a verse
Not in the back of the ak', but in the backpack with the Jack flask
A pen and pad that'll end your career
Nicolas Jav', bringin lead to your ear
And not a 22, but TWO 22s'
Aimed at an emcee with an ego ready to bruise
Whoever thought a Bic and a pad that's a quarter-inch thick
could be deadly when mixed in a medley with Nick
You betta be sick if you readily spit
If you're in pain, take a Lil' Wayne track 6
I'm insane, that's it! 
Came into the game that quick and the name's Javas
Never forget it 'cause it WILL be re-pedded
OOPS! I mean repeated, however never defeated

[Interlude: DJ Premier Scratchin] (Nick Javas)
You are good (Wow! I managed to impressed the legend)
H-Hold it hold it just a minute (But you admit ot you liked it)
Y-Y-Y-Y-YEAAHHHHH!!! ("Afrika Bambaataa") (Yeah! Now I'm just gettin warmed up)
Do you know, what your sayin? (I'm sayin it's nothin I got more!)
A-Aight! (Can I close it out?) Do your thang and keep movin!!! ("Skillz")

[Verse Three: Nick Javas]
{*exhales*} I gotta take a step back, man I'm floatin
In the studio with Preme, most cats don't even know him!
Alright enough brown-nosin for the time bein
I'm just appreciatin what I'm seein
This is crazy
I'm spittin from the same booth as Big, Rakim, Nas and Jay-Z!
Thinkin back to the times when my rhymes were basic
I coulda worn a "What Would Jay Do?" bracelet
Never had the slightest thought of makin it
And now I find myself in the presence of greatness
On the same mic when +Nas Was Like...+ in the +New York State of Mind+
So all you need is play and +Rewind+
I'm standin in the same booth, where the rapper with clout was unbelievable
And +Doubt+ was +Reasonable+
I'm on the Preme Team for the long run
So when the song's done I am where I belong, one!

[Interlude: DJ Premier Scratchin] 
Yo-You did good

[DJ Premier]: 
OK! I think we got the missin link Biggest G! Nick Javas you got a deal my man
Welcome to Year Round! 

[Nick Javas]:
Yo am I gettin punked? Because if Ashton pops out right now it's gonna be technical difficulties

[DJ Premier]:
Nah it's official it's a go!

[Nick Javas]:
Yo! Thank you man I will not let you down

[DJ Premier]: 
Better not, Year Round for life ya heard!