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Artist: DJ Premier f/ Dynasty
Album:  Get Used To Us
Song:   Epic Dynasty
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Dynasty: Ey yo...

[Verse 1]
I'm from the city that never sleeps so you know I stay up
when I rock leave them shocked tell them pick their face up
down in the Bay but I remember where I came up
because it made me who I am and made me step my game up
no longer a stranger they say that I'm appealing
put my heart on the paper in the cypher I reveal it
can you feel it? they call me the calm before the storm
I know I'm burning it down when you barely getting warm
I'm the type that listen to an emcee when he spittin
if he represent the elements he's furthering the mission
when a lady steps up all trivial matters she's dismissing
but I'll kill an emcee if he ain't playin his position
I call it tough love without negative intentions
kill him in my dunks I kill him in my four inches
he came with a freestyle and I killed him with a written
spotted him with 16 and I killed him with a sentance, man, listen
they call you the local anesthetic
you get on when the energy's hot then you dead it
but me? see they call me magnetic
cause when I'm rockin forget it
you try and pull away you regret it
I'm nothing like these other broads quick to get naked
or trying to get hot off a diss record, yeah
but you never see me bow or bend
shining ever since the day I found the pen, yeah

[Verse 2]
I'm from the city that never sleeps
so you know I stay up
when I rock leave them shocked
tell them pick their face up
dudes sleep cause I rock heels and beats till I
got with Premier and took it out to the street, yeah
I fall asleep with the pen in my hand
tryin to catch a dream and turn it to definitive plans
fly high with the minute I land I make history
why you still lost in a dream still a mystery
you're only good for the moment like a quick feel
I finally understand why I'm such a big deal
they all spit about takin your man
I'm all that cause I'm over here takin your fans
understand; I'll be spittin like this till I'm an old wife
standin in the kitchen washin plates spittin old lines
spittin heavy they ain't ready for the gold mine
I'm just a buck 25 you can't hold mine
got buzz cause I was killin them in '09
took over the radio with ridiculous co-signs
blow gritty but get pretty when it's show time
so you know I'll be hittin your city up in no time
just tell me where to be I can handle
any given audience a hundred or a handful
I give them a sample to see if they could hear me
shining ever since Premo premiered me