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Artist: Prince Paul f/ Chuck D, Ice-T
Album:  Politics of the Business
Song:   Politics of the Business
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[Intro: Prince Paul] 
Politics of the business
[Chorus: Ice-T] 
The business, the business
Politics of the..
The business, the business
Politics of the.. the business
Politics of The Business, the business
Politics of the.. the business
Anybody who gets in this business
And lives his offer but he's living in a miracle
[Prince Paul]
Awww man, fuck the music business, man
Fuck that, I wanna say when you just can't say: Fuck this business
You got to get in where you fit in
And understand what you get in
I uhh.. I mean, if somebody sits and talks to me about the music business
I will tell him not to get in it
I will tell him that it's very very very complicated 
And hard to actually cease something that living today
[Chuck D]
Politics of the.. business
Rap miserable muscles is that when..
Cats all of a sudden look at BET
And say: Awww man, we can do that
Man, I can outbone Jay-Z
Yeah, in every one of these videos
You're gonna see some sacks!
You're gonna see somebody tote some money
Or somebody acting like they shoot you
It ain't much in between
[Prince Paul]
I have to tell the artist straight forward
You are not that great, as you think you are
You smoke too much fucking weed
And when.. when.. when you hear yourself back 
Everytime, you're coming out and hating yourself
Politics of the business
The business, the business
You know, that's.. that's the way to get fucked in the business
Of course, it's.. it's.. it's a cut throat business
[Chuck D]
It's what you know..
What you know'll save you in this business all the time
And it's.. I guess.. it's just the bottom line making a hit record 
And uhh.. it's not simple as people think
You know.. it's very complicated
Yeah, if it did, everybody would go make one right now