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Artist: Prince Malik f/ Jim Jones
Album:  I Wanna Know single
Song:   I Wanna Know
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[Chorus: Prince Malik]
(I wanna knoooo-ahhh-ooow...)
Have you ever met somebody like me, me, me?
(I wanna knoooo-ahhh-ooow...)
A Maserati cost like fifty thou keys, keys, keys
(I wanna knoooo-ahhh-ooow...)
Have you ever have real sex on the beach, beach, beach?
(I wanna knoooo-ahhh-ooow...)
Have you ever met somebody like me?
Tonight, tonight tell me your fantasy
[Jim Jones]
I'm in that pop-top Rollsy, poppin that Rosey (drink up!)
Bad bitch ridin shotty like my {?}
Bonified (yep), homicide (AH!)
The way I killed them all, I left 'em traumatized (Clear!)
Getcha breath (Clear!), I told her getcha breath (Hah!)
It ain't over 'til the pilot gon' get the jet 
(Where we go?) To runaway (What~?!), we on the run way
(Wow) I'm dealin with some cakes so put ya crumbs away
(Gettin money) Now get the map, and pick the place
And bring some suntan lotion for ya pretty face (You hear that?)
Penthouse crib to see the city scapes (You see that?)
No diet, but I get rid of weight
[Prince Malik]
New Coupe Phantom, {?} back cannon
Drive along the coast, spend the week in Athens
Now you-now you with me, your broke man's histroy
The Prince is here now, yeah yeaaaah
I'm on the fight scene heavy, throw in that treezies
Ringside drinkin wine from 1920
So tell your friends bye, unless they wanna ride
We'll stack 'em all inside, yeah yeaaaah
I know you love the live I life
My Angelina, you can have seven kids
and I look better than Brad Pitt
and I just wanna KNO-ooooooow~!