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Artist: Politic Live f/ Janaya Ellis of Souljah Fyah
Album:  Ellipsis
Song:   Wanty Wanty
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[Arlo Maverick]
They say hopeful waste, makes hopeful wants
But in a world of excess want what you got
Like that single mother with a child that's blind
Whose tired of being beat by her man all the time
So she leaves with her son, in hopes that things will
Get better in time, but feels the world's chill
Welfare gives a cheque for escaping abuse
But at $1,000 will it really be of use
How do you pay rent or buy your child food
Short of working for a sex line, what work can you do?
When there's no daycare for kids with disabilities
And all the women's shelter is filled to capacity
Imagine the strength, cause momma there must be
The humility that must accompany begging for money
Stripped of all pride, but your baby's hunger
Gives you the strength to be just another number 
[Chorus 4X - Janaya Ellis]
Wanty Wanty,
Nuh Getty, Nuh Getty
Getty Getty
Nuh Wanty (Oy)
[Dirt Gritie]     
They say hopeful waste makes hopeful want
But in a world of excess they got what you want 
And flaunt what you need
By making up tails to gain subsidies
Like that college student raising a seed 
With support from the father and family?
Working just enough hours to be considered to be 
In the government books under poverty     
Add insult to injury 
Those with needs become less of a priority
Living with a boyfriend in government housing 
A journey man who's always in an out of town when 
You ask how our tax dollars work 
At times they go to those who don't need support 
But feel the need to exploit the system 
Leaving others out in the cold to claim victim 
[Chorus 4X - Janaya Ellis]   
Wanty Wanty,
Nuh Getty, Nuh Getty
Getty Getty
Nuh Wanty (Oy)