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Artist: PMD
Album:  Shade Business
Song:   Thought I Lost My Spot
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Since we up in this peace, yaknowI'msayin?
Representin PMD
Get on and let this niggaz know what time is, youknowI'msayin ??
It's a lotta niggaz outhere frontin
But you know we ain't havin it
So yo we gon see niggaz like this
Yo step up and represent like this nigga

Time to let the nuts hang
Keep the sacks full
No bull, mad pull
Shitin constantly like seaguls
Boom bang no thang to make this microphone swang
Funky B-boy from Fretwood Long Island and I don't sing
Parrish Smith is in the house stompin niggaz out
No doubt, mad clout on a rap route
W'dap troop ?
Damn G, what you talkin 'bout ? drop rhymes while suckas drop dimes
Black Einstein say good night kid it's bed time
1990 caught you sleepin
I'm snatchin props while niggaz snatch bags with trick or treat
Brothas huffin' and puffin' and sayin nothing
When P talks it's like ?? fartin
Commin right back at cha like a scud
Niggaz droppin duds, not down with stud
Two chefs plus a rowdy with a grudge
Word to the mockbird and the green herb
Some nerve the brother swingin at the cured ball
Wanna screem yes yes y'all
You better check your style 'for shits get recalled

[Chorus]  *spoken over a sample*

Yes I'm back again
Concentraitin like Nancy Carigan
Can promote the ?land? far from stranded like Gilligan
? I'm dangerous crush some bones
Sittin in the park and lovely
Goin deep for the end zone
Beware, peep the air raid
Niggaz ?? the pen now I'm bout to blow up
Like a hand grenade
No ?? or chunk Benz with the 4 door
And I can fuck arround nigga, my shit is hardcore (backup boy)
So bust the microphone skills and say the chief will
Local neighborhood rapper still on my dizznil
Tryna skam me, damn G back up off me
And check your pocket kid, its empty
So don't tempt P
While you getting Pepsis
Copyin niggaz styles ??? the whole shit G
Not with the Skam

[Chorus]  *spoken over a sample*

It's a ill rain who squad 's back to get paid
Back up
Snap a flick, throw my grill on the front page
Don't ask no questions, you know whats on screwed up
I'm quick with the 3d Eye, X marks the intruder
The pitch ?
Going going go
In New York they say that shits phat
Detroit and South call
Some call it O.E.
Others Ol Gold
Can't fold
Flip Mode
New York is in the house I'm out slow flow

[Chorus]  *spoken over a sample*