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Artist: PMD
Album:  Shadė Business
Song:   Shadė Business
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"Niggaz look shady"

It's nine-four, P's back in the door
Representin - hardcore, steppin through with the Squad tour
Mad brothers, know the lingo
And funky b-boy niggaz, they thumpin the single
From L.A. to Detroit, to Chi-Town
New York to Philly (Jersey) all around
cause it's strictly underground when I'm troopin with my sound
So save the temptation, money keep the limos
Cause that's not hip-hop, that's a fashion show
"How low can you go?"	I'll tell you
?? dissin mad niggaz goin solo
Stop the press what is this?  It's not rap kid
Bust it it's Shadė Business

Chorus: PMD and DJ Scratch doing samples (*some unidentified*)

"People round town talkin this and that.."
[PMD]	Shadė Business
"People round town talkin this and that.."
[PMD]	Shadė Business
"People round town talkin this and that.."
[PMD]	Shadė Business
"People round town talkin this and that.."

So stop the press, no contest, no stress buddha sess
Yeah still snappin necks for some live effects
So where you comin from?  The Boondocks, where my tune knocks
Pass the tinnocks to bust they loads like nine glocks
Yeah so what you sayin Hobbes?
Niggaz flock from blocks when I'm blowin up the spot
Nuff props to the moms and pops
at the one stop (what?) the violence, and racism
Black on black crime cause we're killin our brothers and sisters
Oh what tit for tat, he took this, she took that
Seems like you're guilty - until proven innocent with no facts
Some find this hard to comprehend this
It's far from equality - swing it P, it's Shadė Business


Enough with all the he say she say and nosy neighbors
You wanna do me a favor?  Don't do me no favors
Cause nowadays "Niggaz look shady"
Fightin over the money and power, but can't take it to the grave see
I guess not - 
- and that's called ignorance and it's ruinin hip-hop
So brothers wanna mess around - we mess around
And if brothers wanna "get down, get down" then we get down
cause PMD's bringin it swingin it
I hear my people callin me, and my fans singin it
Big up to Michael Jackson, and Michael Jordan
Iron Mike Tyson, Tupac Shakur an'
Flavor Flav, can't forget Snoop troop
I'm audi ghost, Swayze like kazoo
Shadė Business