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Artist: Plan B
Album:  Ill Manors
Song:   Drug Dealer
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Takura Tendayi ]
Mister Drug Dealer

[ VERSE 1: Plan B ]
In 1975 there was this chick named Janet
A pregnant heroin addict who said she didn't plan it
So never fought to stop or ever kick the habit
Cause Kirby let her do it and she knew he always had it
Down the cellar with Trevor, another addict
Who was at like an asthmatic trapped in an attic
Suckin on an asthma pod
Though you'd never known by lookin at him that's the cunt
Who by 1983 was in the National Front
Yeah he had a shaved head but still got mashed on drugs
So Kirby didn't mind him hangin round that much
Specially any time Janet came round to fuck
Get her fix while her kid Chris waited around
A 9-year old boy who was healthy and loud
Considerin when she was pregnant she was smokin the brown
And she was lucky that he wasn't born disabled somehow
Still when you're too large you get a clap round your head
Kirby ain't his dad but he does what he says
Stays downstairs in the cellar with Trev
While Kirby's upstairs givin Janet her meds
At least that's what they told Chris, still he ain't that dumb
He knows Kirby's upstairs bangin his mum
But he's left in the basement with some racist cunt
Who's been waitin round forever for this motherfuckin day to come

[ Takura Tendayi ]
Mister Drug Dealer

[ VERSE 2: Plan B ]
What an environment to raise a kid
Around crack dealers, heisters and racist pricks
Trevor looted the places well as maimin Chris
Left a permanent scar on his face, the same as his
With a razor blade, yeah he takes the piss
Whether you're prejudiced or not man, he's just a kid
But that's what Trevor done, no one ever saw him after that
Six years passed, now Kirby's lookin up to crack
As the new drug everybody's goin crazy for
Now in 1989 the year Chris started sellin draw
Pickin up from Kirby, scar there beneath his eye
Think after everything that's happened he would treat him right
But palmed him off with just another ounce of weed
Cause a quarter of the bag is a bunch of fuckin seeds
Hundreds of 'em and twigs the size of fuckin trees
But if he ever moaned he'd get a slap across his cheek
1990 is the year that really took its toll
Cause that's the year his mother Janet took an overdose
Of heroin and died, God rest her tortured soul
Now he's left to fend for himself all by his own

[ Takura Tendayi ]
Mister Drug Dealer

[ VERSE 3: Plan B ]
It's 1995, now that he's older stress weighs on his shoulders
Heavy as boulders, but he hides it from his olders
He's been livin on the far side since he was a youth
But the way he lives now is a far cry from the way he did in the past
Cause he's made his way up from sellin ounces to bars of weed
Out in the streets where people do their nasty deeds
It's easy makin money, so he wants a larger piece
He's a man now, 21 years of age
It's been a couple years since Kirby's palms were raised
Lost in anger, ended up across his face
Cause he's a man now and Kirby knows he's past the stage
Of gettin beats, still that don't change the way he treats
Chris when he comes 'round to his to get his weed
Kirby don't like his attitude, he's cocky now, believe
So again he palms him off more twigs than fuckin seeds
But Chris ain't havin none of it, he ain't no little kid now
He squares up to Kirby who really don't look that big now
And really can't do shit now but pay Chris what he owes
An weed, but also pride cause that's what Chris takes when he goes
Kirby knows he's gettin old and that's what really hurts
He ain't cut for this work the way he was once upon a time
But he don't know no other way to make a livin on the grind
Sellin drugs has always been his only way of gettin by

[ Takura Tendayi ]
Then the cops come round
Undercover feds come shot him down
Lock him down, 15 years away from now
The youth will grow
Big and strong and take control
Have it all, that's the way it go

Mister Drug Dealer