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Artist: Pink Guy f/ Rusebeck
Album:  Thomas the Frank Engine (S)
Song:   Thomas the Frank Engine
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I still masturbate while eating Top Ramen
At a faster rate in the bigger quantities it counts as rape
When I'm slurping at this unbelievable pace
I turn the temperature up all the way to sweat up out my face
If you give no effort, if you got no money, then I got a cheap method
Crack it open, throw it in a pan, and let it cook, bitch
Now, that's a real education, fuck books
If you wanna make it in college, acknowledge all the flavors
that be dropping mad knowledge on these pussy ass canned goods
We got chicken and beef to boost the manhood
anybody want a piece of me, will have to get this Ramen first
Start with the shrimp and then the fire
If you're fully blazed, then this shit'll get you higher (heh)
35 cents a pack 3 for a dollar, unbelievable pricing
that's the future of a blue collar worker
And I'm talking about Ramen
This shit'll fill you up when you're feeling like an African
Come back when you're in the state that I'm in
And say "hi" to my homeboy
Top Ramen

Y'know when I was younger I used to want to be Thomas the Tank Engine
But that shit never happened
We all have dreams
It's Filthy Frank mother fucker
It's Filthy Frank bitch
It's Filthy Frank mother fucker
It's Filthy Frank bitch

Yo, big mama selling narcotta
How much do it cost, bitch?
None, zip, nada
Run from policia?
Ain't no drama
Fresh new Adidas for the new-born stamina
Flows so pretty I would turn around and fuck it
Asian girl screams
That's the Bangkok Ruckus
Not a crack pipe but I crack pipe vocally
Pipe kids down with
The black cane locally
Got a thick layer of bullshit that covers me
Spying on your girl from a tree
Like Discovery-Channel
Bust through your
Girls Vag-canal
Fuck her in the ass
Less humps than a camel
Yo, riddle this fictitious
Little kiddo
That rinses dishes
Blow kisses to bad girls
They flinch itches
Mad sketchy like Craigslist ain't shit, ya'll finish short
Like a midget at the races

Let me tell you about a thing or two
If you wanna finger dudes, ride a Subaru
Or do some gay shit like Ron fucking Harry Potter with a broom
Anything regarding dicks ain't my cup of tea cause I love the poon
They call me Mr. Fantastic
Ass kicked rapper nasty blasting sticky mass in ass and other fat things
"Smoking blunts was a daily routine."
And that's a bad impression of biggie

Since 13, a chubby nigga on the scene
But I don't mean any disrespect
Motherfucker come on, motherfucker come on, come on, motherfucker come on

I'm so fucking slick that Slick Ricky would slit his wrist and insist
That I should be the slickest bitch since the Genesis
"Since the Genesis?"
Yeah since the Genesis
Cause I'm the bestest at good grammar in these sentences

It's just a prank bro, it's just a prank