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Artist: Pink Guy
Album:  Pink Guy Raps Tweets (S)
Song:   Pink Guy Raps Tweets
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

The midgets crawled out of my asshole and rubbed on my nipples
Jordy Jordon bit my fat balls so now I need a seminal transplant
Candy-ass and Donky-dees and some soup
I shat on my puke while fucking a duck
My shit tastes solid when it's wet
Stop being such a faggot and spit that shit
Rock my jollies, little ones they'll never know
Rub Snookie's vaginal discharge all over my face baby
How sore's your throat from all those dicks?
You're a cunt, Houdini
Dick is my favorite vegetable
Boom boom my cock in your ass like a dynamite stick
Be more specific not sure if I understand
The red meteor crash landed in my gaping asshole
I once shoved a knife down my urethra
I fucking love to lift midgets while doing anal to them and vise-versa
I love Thomas the tank engine
I work in the rice fields
This one time, I pooped out and it was blue
Some... - I can't say that

I hid 5 pounds of porn in the sandbox
I was wondering when someone would make a rim-joke about that movie
Midgets crawl out my nipples and tickle my pickle
while I'm fucking Bruice-Roman, they call me Niko
You're on the ground, I'm up in this tree
My name is C-Sizzle
I make moneeeeeeeey
Chinchin likes penis

Everytime I masturbate in front of my dog he looks at me
like he secretly wants it in him, should I give it to him?
I jerk off to your videos, it's the most satisfying thing ever
Tits, ass, butts, and fucks, those are the things I love to have
In the back of your room, you hear a nyess...
every time you undress so don't bother with no distress
I'd anally destroy you
Children are disgusting
Shit on my butt-corpse
Salamander man loves pink guy
Leave shit on my chest to when we fuck
If babies wouldn't cry then there'd be no point in fleshlights

I have a picture of a baby covered in shit on my wall
I like my women like I like my trail-mix, with nuts
Got my fingers in my grandma like a vintage bowling ball
I want Zeus to... I want Zeus to tou... I want Zeus to touch my prostate
This morning I had a bowl of cereal and a big tall glass of p... pussy juice