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Artist: Pink Guy
Album:  Pink Guy Raps Tweets and Comments (S)
Song:   Pink Guy Raps Tweets and Comments
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I like my women like I like my coffee
ground up and put in the freezer
I am from Kenya, please send help
I miss my dad
If I was anymore inbred I'd be a sandwich
I am the supreme gentlemen
Fuck her right in the pussy
My dad left me
This beat is going down like a South Korean ferry
What's better than swinging a dead baby in circles
around your head on a 5 foot rope? Stopping it with a shovel
There are orphans shitting in my mouth
I cry a lot when I touch myself
D-D-D-D-Dad w-w-w-what's of breakfast?
The Jews did 911
Filthy Frank fans will never get girlfriends and will die alone
What's better than a pile of dead babies?
One in the middle is alive and has to eat it's way out
What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?
I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals
and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Qaeda
and I have over 300 confirmed kills...
Kekekekekekekek jajajajajajajajja kekekekekekekekek
Cory in the house
Dead girls can't say no
Sometimes I sit in a deep dark corner regretting the day I didn't use a condom on Rosie O'Donnell
In the 8th grade a guy almost put an egg up his ass because of me
How do you make a baby cry? Drop it
How do you make it stop crying? Drop it again
Falcon punching pregnant women is my favorite past time
It hurts but I do it for Shrek
Your mom should have swallowed you
Hey mom I'm in a Filthy Frank video
Pink Guy sucks he is a gay piece of shit and needs to die
This one time I pissed blood and drank it. Recycling is good
I want to caress Matty B Raps and make him squeal like the lil' boy he is
Consensual sex in the missionary position with the lights off
What's red, 6 inches long, and makes my girlfriend cry
when I feed it to her? her miscarriage
If she's old enough to pee then she's old enough for me
As long as I have a face your mother has somewhere to sit
B0ss pls
B0ss pls gibe da pusi b0ss
B0ss pls
B0ss pls gibe da pusi b0ss
B0ss pls
B0ss pls
Hey, b0ss pls
B0ss gibe da pusi b0ss
B0ss gibe da pusi b0ss

Wow these people are awful

[Pink Guy]

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky